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Aiza Seguerra Shrugs Off Bashers Of Her Relationship With Liza Dino

Aiza Seguerra said there's already a wedding planner preparing for her and Liza Dino's wedding in the United States next year. They will get married there because that's where same-sex marriage is legal.

Afterwards, there will be a symbolic ceremony in the Philippines, the singer said. Until then, they are living one day at a time.

On February 7, Aiza proposed to Liza during a stage play of "Kung Paano Ang Maghiwalay." Aiza said their families and friends are all accepting of their relationship.

She has a good relationship with Liza's family while Liza is also in good terms with Aiza's family. "We feel good. It's more than anything else we could ask for, 'di ba?"

The two have become role models for the LGBT community. But Aiza clarified she was not trying to be a role model. Instead, she just happened to fall in love with Liza and she wants to share that love with her.

It just so happened that they are in the same industry. Liza is now part of "Mira Bella" starring Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil.

"Yun lang yun, e, na basically, isa lang akong taong nagmamahal. I don't wish naman to make it a public event."

She's still a private person, and she wants to keep their privacy, Aiza added. She's happy because people have been accepting of their relationship and they respect them too.

There are bashers, of course, but Aiza choose not to mind these people. There are people who send them Bible verses and there are also "crass" messages saying she cannot "pleasure" Liza because she's not really a guy.

"I don't get affected 'coz I'm very much secured in my relationship as much as she is secured with her relationship. Kumbaga, we know each other so much, and it's not na ngayon lang kami nagkakilala, since we know each other way back."

Aiza and Liza have known each other for 13 years, but they met again last year. The rest, as they say, is history.

How did she know that Liza is the one for her? Every person has a checklist--that his/her partner should be like this and that. Liza exceeded all those qualities, Aiza said, adding that she's very generous in giving her love and she makes it a point to make the singer happy every single day.

Many people say that Liza is also a lesbian because she chose to be with Aiza. Although Liza said she's very much a woman, she told Aiza it's okay for her to be called a lesbian if that's the only way she can be with the singer.

It doesn't matter for them what labels they are put under. "Ang importante is the love we share is so great that it transcends boundaries, it transcends labels."

Aiza also laughed off rumors that Liza is only after her money. People don't know them and what they go through every day, she added. They don't know that they felt this even before "Pagdating ng Panahon," the song that made Aiza a household name again.

"As long as we know where we are, where we stand, and very much secured with each other."

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Aiza Seguerra Shrugs Off Bashers Of Her Relationship With Liza Dino

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