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Andre Paras Doesn't Want To Be Asked About His Mother

Andre Paras rants about how some people constantly ask him about his mother, Jackie Forster. Whenever media people ask him about it, all he answers is "no comment."

Last year, Andre and his brother Kobe were put in the middle of a controversy when they refused to meet with their mother, a former actress. Their father, Benjie Paras, and Jackie separated years ago.

Andre said people keep on asking him the same set of questions all over again. So, he just chooses to ignore the questions or not answer it anymore. "I know I also have the right not to answer people. It's my life."

He would rather talk about issues about the Philippines or about other facets of his life like sports and what he learned in school. All people want to know from him is his connection to showbiz.

"We can also talk about the country and how we can make it better. I mean, I may sound like, nerdy and I may not have enough knowledge about it also, but how I wish we could talk about it also."

The first project of Andre is "Diary ng Panget" with Yassi Pressman, Nadine Lustre and James Reid under the direction of Andoy Ranay. It will be shown on April 2.

But why doesn't he want to talk about Jackie? "Kasi nga, it's between me and my family. I don't go up to anybody and just ask about his parents and family."

Andre wants to respect everybody and he also wants them to respect him. But no one has the right to talk about him and his family, he added.

When it comes to other topics, he is open about it. Just not about his mother, Andre added.

Andre gets affected by questions about his mother. "Yeah, also when people keep on asking questions when I've told them nga na 'No comment.' It hurts me more kasi... they keep coming back and asking the same questions."

He wished these people can ask him about school and nothing about his personal life. In school, showbiz doesn't matter that much, Andre said. He added that he and his family have feelings also.

But then, he thanked the media for giving him the opportunity to explain his side about why he isn't answering.

In school, does he get bullied because of the controversies surrounding his family? "Nope, nobody talks about it." Andre attends the University of the Philippines. He is also a UP Maroons cager.

That's why he likes being in school--because they respect him and his family. That's the same kind of respect he wants from the media people and the public.

Andre and Kobe are both estranged from their mother. They refused to talk to her even if their father, Benjie, asked them to. Jackie alleged that her ex-husband has brainwashed her kids into thinking that she doesn't care about them anymore.

Meanwhile, Andre said he is currently single, but he is hoping to meet someone in the future. There's a chance he might fall for someone who's not that good looking. But if they connect and they get developed, then that's okay for Andre too.

"Hopefully, one day I can find 'the one' kasi, right now nga, I'm single and siyempre, everyone deserves [a partner], di ba?"

For now, he is happy being single because he's enjoying himself. He has time to do things and he also has time for work.

His inspiration for now is his parents and his friends. "It's a matter of choice kasi I want a relationship na mai-inspire talaga ako and one day, I know I'll find her."

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Andre Paras Doesn't Want To Be Asked About His Mother

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