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Vice Ganda's Boyfriend Will Not Attend His Birthday Party

Vice Ganda longed for the time that he and his boyfriend will finally be able to spend time away from the comforts of his home. His unnamed boyfriend is not allowed to attend his birthday party since the comedian wants to protect him from the controversy.

Vice has always been very secretive about his relationship. He even said that he wants his boyfriend to have a family in the future because that's something he cannot give to him.

Why does he want him to get married again? Vice prefers to be in a relationship with straight guys, so he knows that in the future, he will look for something more "normal" than what Vice can give. In that sense, he is "unselfish."

Although it is painful at first, Vice said that would be the right thing to do. It happened to him before--he gave way for someone and his former partner has a happy married life now.

Vice spent his 38th birthday on March 31. He had an interview with Boy Abunda on "Buzz Ng Bayan."

He said that sometimes, he doesn't know if he's happy or sad. Of course, Vice is happy when he's in front of the audience. But after taping for "It's Showtime" and "Gandang Gabi Vice," he asks himself if he's really happy about his life.

"Hindi ko rin alam. Naguguluhan din ako."

When he's alone, Vice actually is a quiet person. He doesn't talk much and only listens to the stories of his friends.

That's why he was able to form and create materials--because he has so many anecdotes from friends and family. When he's alone, he wants to do so many things. "Kaya ako nalulungkot kasi marami nga akong gustong gawin na hindi ko magawa."

In terms of his career, Vice said he could not ask for anything more. But as a person, there is still something he wants to achieve.

Vice doesn't see himself settling down in the future. Even though his mother wants to have a grandchild with him, Vice said that may be something he would not be able to give to her.

"That’s the price, mamimili ka lagi. Kapag ginive-ap mo naman ‘to para maging normal, may mawawala."

Vice is admittedly one of the most powerful celebrities now. He said that one of the advantages of being him is that he has the power to change the emotions of a person--from sad to happy.

Especially in the Philippines, this "power" can be very helpful. He is able to give people a reprise from their usually problem-laden lives.

But what is the worst thing about being Vice? The best and worst thing is the fame. It gave him many benefits, but it also forced him to lose many things.

One of the greeters during Vice's birthday was his grandfather, Lolo Gonzalo. It can be remembered that Vice was previously depressed since he was not able to spend so much time with his grandfather.

Vice went to his grandfather in the province when he was depressed. He took him to the beach.

"Kung paano ako magmahal sa mga taong importante sa akin, sa mga taong tumulong sa akin, nakuha ko yun sa lolo ko, nakita ko yun sa lolo ko."

His grandfather is the most important man in Vice's life, he added. He doesn't want his grandfather to think that he forgot him already, so he wants to spend as much time with him as possible.

"Kasi, ayokong maramdaman din yun sa sarili ko na nakalimutan na ko ng taong mahal na mahal ko."

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Vice Ganda's Boyfriend Will Not Attend His Birthday Party

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