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Kris Aquino Invites James Yap's Girlfriend To Bimby's Party

Kris Aquino has extended an invitation to Michaela Cazzola, James Yap's Italian girlfriend, to attend the 7th birthday celebration of their son, Bimby.

Kris said that although they are not friends yet, she and James are working out the kinks in their relationship. Also, she posted on her Instagram that James will split the cost of Bimby's party with her.

Bimby will turn 7 years old on April 19.

Here is Kris' caption of her Instagram post. "Good morning! Life continues to pleasantly surprise me. James asked me yesterday what my plans for Bimb's 7th birthday are & he offered to split the cost w/ me..."

She then replied with the date, details and cost of the party. James said he fell from his chair, but it's okay as long as it's for Bimby.

Kris then said it's okay if James will just pay whatever he can, but the cager said he will split the cost with Kris. "I said THANK YOU & please invite your girlfriend to join the celebration..."

If ever, this will be the first time Kris will meet Michaela. Bimby also has not met James' girlfriend since the basketball player wants to bond with his son in private before letting him meet Michaela.

Kris may also invite her rumored boyfriend, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista. Kris has not confirmed this, although she admitted to James that she's dating a politician.

Ever since she and James reached a long-term agreement about the visitation rights for Bimby, they never once argued and had a misunderstanding, Kris said. When Bimby had a TVC shoot last Friday, Kris stayed with him until 6:30PM while James arrived and stayed until the end at 9PM.

Kris said she wants to share hers and James' story because it may help those people who are in the same situation. She admitted it was a long and difficult process to get to where they are now.

Their agreement started when James texted her during her birthday and acknowledged that she was an excellent mother.

"So maybe sometimes when we love our kids, we learn to forgive the failure of the marriage & we focus on succeeding as parents & being happy that we've all moved forward..."

On her Instagram post, this quote was posted: "Being friends with your ex shows you two are mature enought to get over the fact that you weren't meant to be together."

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Kris Aquino Invites James Yap's Girlfriend To Bimby's Party

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