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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Defends Sister Anne Against Bashers

Anne Curtis-Smith has had enough with the bashers of her sister Anne Curtis.

The young actress has taken to Twitter to defend her sister who was recently stung by a box jellyfish leading to her being hospitalized in Batangas and later at the St. Luke’s Medical Center at the Bonifacio Global City.

As other people kept telling Anne to recover soon, some on the other hand were saying that she deserved what she got. Some said that what happened to her is karma.

On Twitter, Jasmine was noticeably indignant saying “It hurts me to see some saying that she deserved this when no one deserves to be in risk in terms of health. How could anyone wish this upon another?”

Instead, Jasmine said that people do not need to fight. Furthermore, she said that she hopes people will pray for the recovery of her sister as she was stung by a box jellyfish, “considered to be one of the deadliest [jellyfish]”.

Curtis was filming “Dyesebel” on April 3 when she was stung by the jellyfish in Batangas.

Anne said on Friday that she really felt that she has been “given a 2nd chance at life.” According to her, her doctors have told her she is “very lucky”.

“The last case [the doctors] had come in with the same case, a box jellyfish sting. The girl was out straight into the ICU,” she shared.

In fact, Curtis shared that she thought she was going to die. Sharing it’s “quite a scary thought,”
she said that while they were travelling to the closest hospital from their location, she detected that she “couldn't feel my legs & slowly couldn't breath properly.”

“I thought I was going to die,” she said.

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Defends Sister Anne Against Bashers

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