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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Doesn't Want To Comment About Anne Curtis And Sam Concepcion

Although many people thought she can clear the issue between her sister, Anne Curtis, and rumored boyfriend Sam Concepcion, Jasmine Curtis-Smith chose to maintain her distance from the issue.

She only presumed that the two talked about the issue, and she admitted talking to the both of them about it. However, when it comes to the issue whether the reported confrontation between the two of them happened or not, Jasmine said she could not comment about it.

"But again, I’m not in the position to talk, as much as people think that I’m the one who can clear this issue off or save people’s name."

"I don’t have the right because I don’t know what other’s really, truly, deeply feeling for what they went through that evening."

The Kapatid actress said they are both okay though. Did she and Anne have a misunderstanding because of the issue with Sam? Jasmine said the issue is pretty silly and she understands that people will try to make an issue out of things because they want intrigues.

"So, okay. Bahala kayo diyan."

Their mother, Carmen Olajes Smith, said that the relationship between the two sisters is "solid." As for Jasmine, she added that their mother made sure that they will have a good relationship.

What you see is what you get--that's how the young actress defined her relationship with Anne, who is obviously the more successful of the two Curtis-Smiths. Jasmine and Anne don't want to project an image that they have a perfect relationship.

"As long as we’re honest to ourselves and to everyone that we believe should know what really matters."

During Jasmine's birthday celebration on "SPINNation," Jasmine was teary-eyed when Anne left a message for her via phone patch. Anne is still in the hospital because of a jellyfish sting.

Jasmine said they are all thankful in the family that nothing worse happened to her sister. Anne was shooting for "Dyesebel" when the incident happened. A jellyfish sting can cause instant death when not treated immediately.

Jasmine had lunch with her sister in the hospital last Saturday before her birthday celebration on TV5.

The young actress said the sting is still there and that it will leave a scar on her. "But she can move around. Hindi naman siya disabled na hindi niya kayang gumalaw or tumayu-tayo. But, at the same time, a little bothersome, but she’s okay."

Anne told Jasmine in her message that she will protect her all the time. What can she say about this amid the issue with Sam? She said that it's only natural for a big sister to want to protect her little sister. "There's no surprise there."

People can judge Anne all they want, Jasmine said, but the truth is, Anne has always been an open book.

What can she say that Anne has always been in the center of controversies lately? Jasmine sympathizes with people close to her who have to go through some things in life.

"But again, since it’s not my personal issue, I steer away from feeling the same way that they’re feeling, and instead try to comfort them."

Last year, Anne was involved in a slapping incident with John Lloyd Cruz and several other personalities. That time, she was also reportedly drunk--the same thing that happened during Vice Ganda's party.

Jasmine said that's showbiz, and she already accepted that they will always be a part of a controversy in one way or another. But her friends and co-workers would always comfort her when it comes to issues arising about her and her loved ones.

"Issues come and go. Next week may panibago na namang may issue… It will die down or whatever."

She needs to live with the issues because she chose to be a part of showbiz. She will not be the kind of actress who will tell people not to talk about her or will tell reporters not to throw issues at her. It will only be normal for issues to be a part of her life now, she added.

"I can’t complain about it because it’s the life I chose."

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Doesn't Want To Comment About Anne Curtis And Sam Concepcion

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