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Kris Aquino Admits Relationship With QC Mayor Herbert Bautista

Kris Aquino has finally broken her silence and admitted that she and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista are in a relationship. She admitted this after posting and deleting a photo of her family having dinner with the mayor.

Kris decided to admit the relationship after weeks of speculations that Mayor Herbert is the mystery guy in her Instagram posts. A lot of people have also seen Kris together with the mayor, although she decided to remain mum about it until now.

She was even briefly linked to actor Derek Ramsay.

During an episode of "Aquino & Abunda Tonight," Kris read a statement from her and the mayor. She wrote down what she wants to say as a statement because it's not just coming from her, but from Mayor Herbert as well.

She said that it has been seven years since she and James separated and two years since their annulment has been granted. They both think that Bimby deserves for them to be friends and to be co-parents even if they are not together anymore.

Kris and James reached a compromise since they both needed to move forward. James has a longtime girlfriend now, who Kris even invited to their son's 7th birthday, but James decline to take.

"We have matured enough to know that though James and I failed at being husband and wife, we do have the rest of Bimb’s life to succeed at being his parents."

For four years, she did not introduce anyone to her family because there was nobody special and they were not ready to meet anyone just yet. "And now there is somebody in my life who is special."

Her siblings told her that she needed to make herself who before she can be in a relationship with anyone. It was a lonely journey by herself, Kris said, but it was a journey she needed to make alone too.

Weeks before any speculations came out about them, Mayor Herbert asked PNoy permission to date her. At that time, there were so many things in the President's mind that he thought the mayor and Kris are just partnering about a project.

That evening, he just realized that he was actually asking permission to date his little sister. "But that gesture gained the respect of my brother and my sisters because it showed all of them na malinis ang intensiyon para sa bunso nila."

Her family welcomed the mayor during their dinner together because they want to get to know him better, Kris said.

The Queen Of All Media and the QC mayor both recognized that they are public figures and they are answerable to the public. However, this is the first and last time that they will talk about their relationship.

"I promised him that our relationship won’t be a distraction in his obligations to the three million residents he took an oath of office to serve."

In turn, Mayor Herbert is also respectful and in admiration of her work as a TV host and actress.

Kris is 43 while Mayor Herbert is turning 46, so they both know that what they are entering into is something serious. But Kris has already learned something valuable in her past failed relationships--it is that they must both work together for their relationship every single day.

Their chance of being together forever, however, is based on their success and failure as partners. "And we can strengthen what we have by allowing ourselves to have a chance at forever by keeping quiet and private about what is here and now."

They are a "work in progress," Kris said. At that point, the TV host said she said all she needed to say and will never talk about her relationship again.

Kris was previously married to James. They have a son together, Bimby, who turned seven years old. She also has a son with actor Philip Salvador.

On the other hand, Herbert has two children with his ex-wife. He also has a child with a previous girlfriend.

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Kris Aquino Admits Relationship With QC Mayor Herbert Bautista

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