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Vhong Navarro Shares Lessons He Learned From The Deniece Cornejo Incident

Vhong Navarro said he learned a lot from his ordeal with businessman Cedric Lee and model-stylist Deniece Cornejo. He also thanked his fans and supporters for warmly welcoming him back on television.

Vhong is a host of "It's Showtime," and has an upcoming movie with Solenn Heussaff entitled "Da Possessed."

The rape complaint filed against him by Deniece was junked while serious illegal detention and grave coercion raps were filed against Deniece, Cedric and their group.

Every time he hears the people shout his name and their support of him, Vhong feels more strength than he can imagine. That's what makes and pushes him to pursue the cases more than ever.

After everything that happened, his relationships with his family and even his girflriend, Tanya Bautista, got stronger. He can feel that the love and the support from them are there.

He also learned who his true friends are--those who will not leave him until the end. These trying times made him know who will stay with him without him asking for their help.

Vhong was surprised that the rape complaint was junked by the DOJ. At the time the news was released, taping for "It's Showtime" has already ended. Then, the crew asked them to go back to the stage because they are going to show the live feed of the news.

That's when it was announced that the rape complaint was junked. This will prove to all his detractors that the complaints against him are baseless. Vhong knows he cannot please everyone, and he cannot expect them to believe what he was saying.

"Yung nagduda po, mga taong hindi nakakakilala sa akin. Mga taong nanghusga sa akin sa mga ibinibintang sa akin na hindi ko ginawa."

He learned all these from the social media. Were there any friends who left him? The TV host-actor said there were those who kept their distance from him. But still, there are friends who really fought for him.

Vhong is finding it hard to trust anyone right now. Before, he can befriend anyone and it's easy for him to be close to almost everybody. But now, he finds it quite difficult to just trust the people he meets.

Actually, Vhong is even scared of going out alone although he tries to play basketball again with his friends.

"Binabase kasi ang duwag kapag hinamon mo ng suntukan... hindi ka lumaban, duwag ka. Pero hindi pala doon naipapakita ang pagiging duwag."

Vhong found another way to fight without hurting anybody.

The most important lesson he learned from that is never to try to cheat on his girlfriend again. That's the biggest mistake he did--cheating on her. He learned that Tanya is still the one who's there for him and who understands him.

"At binigyan pa niya ko ng pagkakataong muli, ‘di ba?"

At first, Tanya asked him why he tried to cheat on her. But now, they are better than ever. They talk about everything now, and Vhong considers her his bestfriend.

Vhong is at a new chapter in his life--he is facing two more rape complaints by Roxanne Cabanero and Margarita Fajardo. Vhong both denied these complaints.

He added that he will face these complaints and he will answer to them in court. He always prays for strength to surpass all these with his family and his girlfriend.

"Sa mga kaibigan ko, mga pamilya ko nga, mga anak ko, kay Tanya and, of course, sa mga nagmamahal na sumusuporta sa akin. Hindi po sila nawala, hindi po sila bumitiw, at patuloy silang sumusuporta at nagdarasal sa akin."

What can he say about himself now? God gave him these trials because He believes he has the strength to surpass all of it. He cannot believe that something like this will happen to him.

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Vhong Navarro Shares Lessons He Learned From The Deniece Cornejo Incident

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