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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Adjusts Well In Showbiz

Although Jasmine Curtis-Smith has only been in showbiz for four years, she has already well adjusted to it since she now accepts that intrigues and controversies are a part of her life and those of her friends and co-workers.

Jasmine, the younger sister of ABS-CBN's prized actress Anne Curtis, started in showbiz in 2011. She used to go back and forth from Australia until she finally decided to make her formal debut in showbiz via TV5.

Yet, even though she tells herself that she must get used to it, some of the intrigues and controversies still shock her at times.

She's not only scandalized by some of the intrigues about her and Anne, but also the issues about her co-workers and her friends in showbiz.

Jasmine just consoles herself since she already accepted that intrigues will always be a part of showbiz.

"I’ve learned to accept everything. It’s now a part of who I am in this business."

That's showbiz, Jasmine said, adding that next week, there will surely be new intrigues and issues.

The important thing is that there are people who surround you and support you. This is the life she has chosen, and she has to accept it, Jasmine said.

She cannot tell people not to talk about her since she chose to be in showbiz. She has to enjoy the ups and downs, Jasmine said.

But what hurts her the most is when people start bashing on her sister, Anne. Jasmine cannot help but air her side too. People keep on saying that Anne deserves what she got (being stung by a jellyfish) because it did not happen to their loved one, Jasmine said.

"If you're really happy as a person, you don't need to tell people, ‘Karma mo ‘yan kaya nagkaganyan ka, kaya ka nagkasakit.’"

It was a health issue, she said, adding that people have crossed the line by wishing her sister ill. She can never wish anyone ill, the actress said.

Jasmine has learned the "art of deadma." This is what she's teaching her sister. "I learned to practice that and it works naman. Less talk, less mistakes."

People will eventually stop asking questions if one refrains from talking, Jasmine said. And then, everyone moves on with their lives.

Anne has been involved in scandalous controversies, including the slapping of John Lloyd Cruz and other personalities in an exclusive bar last November and just recently, she allegedly humiliated Jasmine's rumored boyfriend, Sam Concepcion, in Vice Ganda's birthday party.

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Adjusts Well In Showbiz

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