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BB Gandanghari Prepares For Robin Padilla Movie

BB Gandanghari is preparing for the role given to him in a film with his brother, Robin Padilla. This will be the first time BB will star in a movie with his brother after he came out of the closet.

For now, they are in the process of criticizing the script, but they are on their way to taping already.

He's also in the "state of training" because the role will require grueling physical fitness from him. He will play the role of a mixed martial arts fighter.

The role fits him because he's also very passionate about kickboxing. This is the best time for him to do a movie like this since he has been active in the program for a few months now.

They have been talking about this movie for a several months, so it's time that they start it already.

Meanwhile, BB is also busy with his Privates with BB, a fitness session program that will be tailor-fitted for a particular client.

That's what he did for Mariel Rodriguez, the wife of Robin.

For example, the program is scheduled for three times a week and it will be a whole body regime and routine. As much as possible, he tailor-fits a routine for a client.

How is Mariel doing in the program? BB said her body and coordination are improving. Even Robin noticed it.

BB started being in the fitness lifestyle when he went to the US 10 years ago. He studied yoga and decided to change his lifestyle.

He also started running. "Then, I thought, ‘Bakit hindi ko ituro ang natutunan ko? Baka may matulungan din akong ibang tao.’"

BB is 47 years old and he still thinks he's fit enough to teach other people how to be fit as well.

Will the time come that BB will choose the fitness industry over showbiz industry? BB said he enjoys both things. He is passionate about staying fit but he enjoys showbiz as well.

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BB Gandanghari Prepares For Robin Padilla Movie

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