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Bianca Gonzalez And JC Intal Open Up About Their Relationship

Both Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal love to travel. JC said traveling together will test both of your patience. And of course, they will also share a lot of special moments as a couple.

Bianca and JC became a couple in Boracay three years ago.

In those three years, they learned a lot about each other. Bianca said JC is more obsessive-compulsive and vain than her while JC said Bianca is jealous and easily angered by his teasing.

Of course, when she is jealous, JC only needs to explain himself. He easily recognizes when she is jealous because of the tone of her voice.

The TV host, on the other hand, said JC is also not the type of guy who will control her when it comes to wearing sexy clothes. He actually makes her feel that he is proud of her. JC said: "But not all the time!"

What was the weirdest discovery they have of each other? JC laughingly said it was the night he heard Bianca farted. It was so loud that he was awakened by it. It also happened three times that same night.

Bianca said she always joked with JC that he loves to fart in front of her.

How did JC decide that he wants to marry Bianca? There just came a point in his life that he found no reason not to marry her. Actually, one big fight pushed JC to finally ask the question.

Bianca shared that fight was actually her fault. She was tired from work and she decided to visit JC in his house. However, she felt that he wasn't paying that much attention to her, so she just went home. They argued over the phone.

JC said he saw Bianca's good and bad side, and it made him still think that it's time to settle down.

Why the airport? It happened just at the time Bianca will leave for London, the cager said.

It can be remembered that JC proposed to Bianca at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Bianca, who by that time already checked in, was asked at the immigration counter to check something in her baggage.

She went out and found JC and his family and their friends in the lobby. JC knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

A few weeks before that, JC asked her what's her favorite song. She said, "Baby, I Love Your Way." So, when she heard that as she was nearing the lobby, her heart skipped already.

Then, the girl in the counter gave her a tarpaulin that read: "Bianca, please say yes." She started crying by then as their friends and family handed her red roses.

Bianca was very surprised at the way JC proposed to her since he is a very private person. "Sobrang quiet niyang tao, so for him to come up with that and arrange all that, it’s so overwhelming."

Of course, the TV host is also happy that JC asked permission from her mom first before asking her to marry him.

JC said they plan to get married in December this year. Bianca added they are not getting younger, so there's no reason for them to prolong the engagement.

The cager has already built a home for his future family, so he's very excited to get married.

Bianca, on the other hand, indicated she is not ready yet to start a family right after marrying JC. His brother is actually forcing her to have kids of her own in the near future.

The TV host said she is still overwhelmed by what happened. "Sobra, never in my wildest dream na inakala ko na magiging deserving ako."

What are their messages for each other? Bianca is thankful that JC proved to her a lot of things--including treating her well. She feels lucky to have him.

JC said he loves her very much. And although he cannot make promises, he knows he can make her feel the depth of that love. They will surely argue in the future, but he is confident they can surpass all challenges.

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Bianca Gonzalez And JC Intal Open Up About Their Relationship

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