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Claudine Barretto Says Raymart And Gretchen Behind Robbery Case Against Her

Claudine Barretto believes that her estranged husband, Raymart, and sister, Gretchen, were the ones behind the robbery case filed against her by two former household helpers.

She said there is a "grand scheme" against her by Raymart and Gretchen. To recall, Claudine had a falling out with Gretchen when she sided with Raymart and confirmed that her sister had drugs problems.

Raymart, on the other hand, left their conjugal house last year because of Claudine's perceived mental imbalance.

Claudine said Raymart and Gretchen have joined forces to harass her by supporting the filing of a robbery case against her. The robbery case was in connection to the theft complaint the actress filed against two of the Santiago's former maids.

Allegedly, the two maids took Claudine's expensive Louis Vuitton bag and paintings. But Raymart clarified he was the one who took those items from their house since they are his properties.

"The hand of these two persons are very much in evidence in the fact that Mr. Santiago has testified in favor of those whom I have charged with qualified theft, and in the direct intervention of Ms. Gretchen Barretto’s personal legal counsel in some of the said cases."

The theft complaint was junked. Instead, the Marikina Regional Trial Court recommended the filing of robbery case against Claudine because she threw out the maids without giving them back their money, gadgets and other things.

"It now appears that members of my own family who have an axe to grind against me for imagined wrongs, will continue to collude and will stop at nothing to intimidate and harass me as a result of the cases I filed against them to protect my children and to stop the physical, mental, psychological and financial abuse being heaped against me and my children."

The greatest challenge for Claudine is not the possible jail time waiting for her, but how to explain to her children--Sabina and Santino--that their father is trying to demean the "person of their mother and humiliate her numerous times in public."

These all have harmful effects to the children, Claudine said, adding that Raymart has subjected Sabina and Santino to emotional pain and trauma.

She also said that she is raising her two kids as a single parent, without any support from Raymart. If the actor thought that the children will get closer to him because of what he was doing, Claudine said he is further alienating them by showing that he can hurt their mother.

Since Raymart admitted that he took the money from their joint account and since he is not providing financial support for their children, it is also highly likely that Claudine will have to face jail time because she would rather spend the P100,000 bail bond for her children's education.

In fact, Claudine has just paid the full tuition of her children for this year. She needs more funds to be able to provide the high-quality education she promised herself she will give her children.

The school records will show that they are both excelling. The actress said that Raymart has not given support for close to a year. "If that is how he shows his love for his children—by ruining their mother and trying to send her to jail—then Mr. Santiago is a twisted person indeed."

Claudine vowed to not stop seeking justice for the harassment done to her by Raymart. And since Raymart and Gretchen apparently continue to malign her name, Claudine said she is now ready to reveal certain matters regarding the two.

She will publicize Raymart's motives and background, so that the people will know the real story.

"I will also expose those who are helping him in his quest to prejudice my good name, regardless of previous bonds of personal friendship and professional relationships, including doctors, lawyers and bankers."

This will help the public know who between them is telling lies or telling the truth, she said.

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Claudine Barretto Says Raymart And Gretchen Behind Robbery Case Against Her

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