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Vhong Navarro Denies Deniece Cornejo's Second Rape Complaint

Vhong Navarro's camp denied the second rape complaint filed by Deniece Cornejo. He submitted a counter-affidavit on April 25.

According to the affidavit submitted by Deniece, Vhong raped her on January 17, the first time he visited her in her condo unit. The second time, on January 22, Vhong was allegedly mauled by Cedric Lee and his cohorts.

Deniece initially said she was raped only on January 22, but she later on alleged that Vhong raped her too on their first meeting, further raising doubts about the validity of her claims.

The first rape complaint was already junked for lack of "probable cause."

Atty. Alma Mallonga, Vhong's legal counsel, said Deniece's counsel was there during the time they submitted their affidavit. Her camp asked for more time to submit their reply.

There will be a second hearing for the preliminary investigation on May 9. Atty. Alma wanted the hearing to be held before May 9, but she just yielded to the prosecutor's decision.

If Deniece will file a counter-affidavit, she needs to be physically present to sign it. There is now a non-bailable warrant of arrest issued against Deniece for the serious illegal detention case filed by Vhong.

The lawyer said Deniece cannot ask a release from the court, at the same time she's avoiding the authorities. Cedric and Simeon Raz, another one of those who allegedly participated in the mauling of the TV host-actor, were arrested by the NBI in Eastern Samar.

Meanwhile, Vhong's camp will appeal the move to dismiss the serious illegal detention case against Bernice Lee and JP Calma for "lack of probable cause."

No warrant of arrest for serious illegal detention was issued against the two. A warrant of arrest was issued for grave coercion, but this was a bailable case.

"We strongly believe that there is strong legal and factual basis to include them in the case for conspiracy."

One of the accused in the case has also offered to turn state witness. Apparently, there was an "Oplan: Bugbog" against Vhong, proving that what happened was pre-meditated.

Atty. Alma said she is interested to hear what that accused has to say. She believes that Vhong is saying the truth, and the plans against him will be revealed in the future.

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Vhong Navarro Denies Deniece Cornejo's Second Rape Complaint

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