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Kat Alano Admits Being Raped Nine Years Ago

Kat Alano has been controversial in the past months since she started being vocal about her views on rape. Now, Kat admitted that he was raped by a public figure nine years ago.

Although she did not name who the public figure was, Kat said he came from one of the television networks. She clarified also that she is not going to release his name or even file a case because it will be "public figure vs. public figure."

She denied that this has anything to do with model Deniece Cornejo's rape complaint against Vhong Navarro, which was junked by the DOJ. Kat said she was just triggered by Deniece's complaint since it also happened to her.

Kat gave an account of what happened nine years ago. She was in a bar with some friends, and she drank a lot. She came out of the bar and saw him. She then greeted him because it was customary for showbiz people.

They went back inside the club and had some drinks. When they were about to go home, the man offered to drive for her. At first, Kat refused but since he insisted and she was really drunk, she agreed to let him drive her since his driver will follow them.

While they were inside her car already, she felt a little weird. She thought if she drunk that much or if she mixed alcohol she's not supposed to. Kat said she never felt that way before after drinking.

When they were outside her building, the man told her he'll accompany her to her unit. Kat relented because she has no strength to refuse.

Once inside her unit, she passed out. The next thing she knew, she woke up with the man on top of her. She passed out again, then woke up with the man telling her not to be afraid.

She passed out for the nth time, and woke up to the man finally punching her on the face.

She did not say what happened when she finally woke up from being "drugged," but Kat said she pushed the incident under the rug and decided not to talk about it.

However, something in Deniece's complaint triggered the trauma and hurt in her. She does not know Deniece or Cedric Lee personally, but she felt empowered by what happened.

Kat said she does not even follow Vhong's case, so she has no idea about what really happened.

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Kat Alano Admits Being Raped Nine Years Ago

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