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Jed Fernandez Backs Out From Being A State Witness

Veteran journalist Tony Calvento revealed that it was Jed Fernandez who wanted to turn state witness against the accused in Vhong Navarro's cases.

However, Jed changed his mind because he was very afraid of what Cedric can do to him and his family. Jed is a crybaby, Tony added.

"Ang pakiramdam ko lamang e maraming… humarap sila sa DOJ, e. Nagsalita sila dun. Marami kaming nakuha."

Tony said he is in the legal/investigative team of Vhong's side, which means he seeks documents and evidences that will prove Vhong's claims against Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo, Bernice Lee, JP Calma, Zimmer Raz, Ferdinand Guerrero and Jed.

This is an advocacy for Tony, he added.

He related to Boy Abunda that he was in a Japanese restaurant to meet a friend of Jed's who wanted him to help the accused. That friend said that Jed is willing to reveal where they were during the time Deniece texted Vhong and invited him to go to her condominium unit on January 22, the night of the alleged mauling.

Apparently, Cedric called for a "general meeting" regarding the plan, which has been dubbed "Oplan: Bugbog." They did not conduct the meeting at the Forbeswood Heights, but in a nearby hotel by the poolside. That was when they agreed on the plan.

Tony did not want to reveal the person whom he talked to because he's a private citizen. However, he said he was able to talk to Jed over the phone to confirm the details.

Cedric was reportedly very "hot" against Vhong to the point that he wanted to kill him already. They all agreed to teach the TV host-singer a lesson.

Tony asked Jed who was the "John Doe," the one who was with Zimmer and Bernice, and who Vhong was unable to identify.

Jed was crying for help, the journalist said. "'Kuya Tony, tulungan mo naman ako. Natatakot ako kay Cedric. Baka ako ay patayin. Tulungan mo ako, bigyan mo ako ng proteksiyon, sasabihin ko ang totoo.'"

Jed gave Tony the name of that person. It was Edgar, but Tony withheld the surname for now since it will be revealed at the proper time.

This Edgar was apparently a bodyguard or driver of one family. Tony believed what Jed said to him because he was really hysterical and sobbing at that time, afraid for his life because of Cedric.

Tony clarified that he met Jed's friend and talked to Jed with the full knowledge of DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima. For transparency, he added.

Tony told Jed and his friend that the only way for him to get protection was through the DOJ. Jed said he wants Tony to mediate.

They all agreed that Jed will meet with the secretary on April 15 (Tuesday) before lunch. The secretary waited until 5PM that day, and then waited again the next day, April 16 (Wednesday).

He told Jed that it doesn't matter to him whether he comes or not since he does not need the glory. Jed met de Lima on April 21, but Tony did not attend the meeting.

Jed had two reasons for wanting to turn against his friends. He wanted his name to be cleared off the charges and he wanted Cedric to stop what he was doing. He also wanted protection for himself and his family.

That is, until he backs out from being a state witness.

Currently, Cedric and Zimmer are detained in the NBI facility following their arrest in Eastern Samar. Both, including Deniece, Ferdinand and Jed, are facing grave coercion and serious illegal detention cases.

Deniece and Jed posted bail for the grave coercion case. However, serious illegal detention is a non-bailable offense, which would mean Deniece and the rest of the group have to face detention time until the resolution of the cases.

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Jed Fernandez Backs Out From Being A State Witness

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