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Bangs Garcia Denies Rumors Linking Her To Enrique Gil

Sexy actress Bangs Garcia dismissed rumors linking her to young heartthrob Enrique Gil. Bangs doesn't see herself falling for a much younger man.

The rumors started when they were seen together in Japan Disneyland. Bangs explained that she was there for a show while Enrique was vacationing there with his mother.

Before he went to Japan, Enrique already knew she was there, so he texted her. Bangs offered to introduce him to her producer, and asked if he was willing to be a guest on their show. Enrique agreed.

Afterwards, they went to Disneyland with Enrique's family and Bangs' producer. Bangs said they were friends ever since the movie "The Reunion" in 2012.

"Ewan ko sa kanila, malisyoso siguro ang mga tao!"

Bangs said she doesn't want to be in a relationship with a younger man because it might just bring her headaches. She actually prefers men who are five years older than her.

Bangs is 26 years old while Enrique is 22 years old. Come to think of it, the age gap is not that wide. Bangs again denied the rumors, saying that they are both aware what other people are thinking.

They also saw each other in Cebu during the Sinulog festival. Bangs is always in Cebu because she has many friends there while Enrique is originally from there.

Although she is not closing her doors on younger men, Bangs said she thinks Enrique is too young for her as of now. "Natatawa lang ako kasi parang isang picture lang naman ang lumabas, kaya nga hindi na namin inilabas ang ibang pictures."

They talked about the rumors when they saw each other in Cebu, and they just laughed about it. Bangs said they weren't even sweet in the pictures of them in Tokyo Disneyland.

Meanwhile, the sexy actress affirmed that she has been single for more than a year now. She is very careful when it comes to relationships because people thought she looks better when she is single.

Asked about the guy seen with her in Robinsons Magnolia, Bangs just laughed about it and said they were just friends.

Were they holding hands? No, Bangs said. In fact, she doesn't like showing affection in public even if she's with her boyfriend.

She only had two boyfriends ever since she joined showbiz, and both of them were not from the industry.

In one instance, Bangs was even rumored to be indulging in PDA (public display of affection) while having dinner in Tagaytay. She explained that her boyfriend at that time just has his arms over her shoulders, but already people were saying that they were overly affectionate.

Since then, she has been careful in her conduct in public.

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Bangs Garcia Denies Rumors Linking Her To Enrique Gil

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