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Tony Calvento Slams Kat Alano

Veteran journalist Tony Calvento slammed radio personality Kat Alano, who recently revealed she was raped nine years ago by a well-loved public figure. Although Kat never outrightly said who the personality is, many alleged it was Vhong Navarro because of the recent incidents involving the TV host-actor.

Kat gave hints as to who the actor is with fellow DJ Mo Twister putting the hashtag #RhymesWithWrong when he talked about Kat's alleged rapist.

Although Kat said her coming out about what happened to her has nothing to do with Vhong, she never cleared the TV host-actor's name, which is being dragged into three rape complaints. One of the rape complaints was already junked by the court.

The three complainants were model-stylist Deniece Cornejo, former beauty queen Roxanne Cabanero and stunt double Margarita Fajardo. This started when Vhong was allegedly mauled on January 22 inside Deniece's condo unit because he supposedly forced himself to the model.

Those who illegally detained and mauled Vhong are now facing serious illegal detention and grave coercion charges. These are Deniece, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee, JP Calma, Zimmer Raz, Ferdinand Guerrero and Jed Fernandez. Cedric and Zimmer are currently in NBI custody.

Through his Facebook account, Tony answered the allegations being made by Kat's supporters. Tony is a supporter of Vhong's case against Cedric, Deniece and their group.

"There's a lot of speculations about Kat Alano's rapist... All one has to do is google what show she co-hosted 2005-2006. There you'll find and think who the person she was referring to. Maybe I was wrong, but that was the only show that was mentioned."

According to Wikipedia, Kat was a VJ of Studio 23, co-host of the lifestyle show "E-Club" and co-host of the defunct noontime show "Wowowee."

Tony said that "speculation" is not given any credence in the bar of justice. Kat should name names. It's as simple as that.

Also, the veteran journalist commented that Kat is a "fading star" and an "ambulance chaser." She was described as someone who lost her credibility and will try to get into the current issue to be talked about.

"Alam niyo ba kung ano ang 'ambulance chaser'? These are the people riding on with the fast moving ambulance which has a siren para ma ride on and get ahead of the others."

But even if Kat is trying to get into the current issue now, Tony said their camp is only really concerned about the intelligence report that reached them about the assassination plan against Vhong.

Tony assured that more security measures have been taken to ensure Vhong's safety. "Mag-ingat tayo at maging vigilant for any info na makuha ninyo, which you think makakatulong kay Vhong."

On her post, Kat answered these comments by Tony. She said: "When someone starts to build a wall to defend themselves, and they haven't even been accused yet.. you have to wonder. #iseeyou"

She told her story because she wants to inspire other rape victims, as well as help those who have never been raped understand what they went through.

Kat said that rape culture needs to end, and that the bashers are one of the reasons why so many victims are afraid to speak out.

In the end, Kat was challenged by her followers to name her "rapist" if she really wants to help other victims and herself too. Kat, until now, failed to name who the alleged rapist is.

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Tony Calvento Slams Kat Alano

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