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Jaclyn Jose Remains Protective Of Andi Eigenmann

Jaclyn Jose and Andi Eigenmann are still not in good terms, but that is not stopping the award-winning actress from protecting and defending her daughter.

Recently, Jaclyn commented on a post made by Jake Ejercito, Andi's on-and-off-again boyfriend, on Instagram. The post showed Cherie Gil jokingly re-enacting the famous Sharon Cuneta slapping scene with Jake.

Cherie is Andi's aunt. She is the sister of her father, Mark Gil.

Jaclyn commented: "Ano yun?!! Huh? Are you both making a show out of my daughters [misery]? D nakaka tawa ‘aunty ka pa naman ! And you jake? You find this funny? I am not laughing!!!!"

The actress said she felt that she had to voice out her opinion since Andi was going through a lot that time. She wants to let the people know that as Andi's mother, she was not happy to see others making fun of her misery.

"Hindi ko nagustuhan yung drama or kung anuman ‘yon. Hindi ko nagustuhan yung gawing katatawanan yung misery na pinagdadaanan ni Andi."

The next day, Jake texted Jaclyn to apologize. He also deleted the said Instagram post.

As for Cherie, Jaclyn said she's not expecting her to apologize for that. Also, Cherie is not that kind of person.

She clarified though that she has no problems with the Eigenmanns, especially the younger generation. She has no business dealing with the older Eigenmanns, but she maintained to loving the kids.

She shared that Andi and her cousins even hang out and go out of town together.

In their house, Andi and Jaclyn have still not spoken about their issues. They stopped talking because of the issue with Jake. For now, Jaclyn said it might be better for them if they remain that way because there would be no arguments.

However, Jaclyn said she will always be there to support Andi and to protect her.

Asked if Andi and Jake have already broken up, Jaclyn feigned innocence and said the media should check if the two got back together again.

She asked the media to check who Andi is with in Boracay. For now, Andi has not posted anything yet.

How about Andi and Tom? Jaclyn doesn't think the two are together. In fact, she is pretty certain that Tom and Andi are just friends.

They grew up together because of "Cedie," Jaclyn added. The actress played Tom's mother in "Cedie."

Personally though, Jaclyn prefers Jake for her daughter since he is like a son to her.

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Jaclyn Jose Remains Protective Of Andi Eigenmann

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