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Pauleen Luna Knows Her Place In Vic Sotto's Life

Pauleen Luna has been receiving flak because of the age gap between her and her boyfriend, veteran comedian-TV host Vic Sotto. Pauleen, however, assured that she knows her place in the relationship.

"I don't live in a fantasy." The actress-TV host knows Vic's children--Danica, Oyo Boy, Vico and Paulina--come first. They are the priority. "It was never my intention and never will be my intention to take him away from his children."

That is the reason why they have a good partnership--Pauleen knows where to put herself in their relationship. She and Vic have been together for three years.

Pauleen was even the one who will tell Vic to spend a lot of time with his children. There's harmony in their relationship, she added.

She is also making an effort to get close to Vic's children. However, she is also careful lest they think she is already interfering. The most important thing is that Pauleen is there if they need her.

In fact, Pauleen and Danica recently organized a successful surprise birthday party for Vic, who turned 60 years old this April. Pauleen is only 25 years old.

Pauleen said Vic deserves a party like that--to see all his friends, family and his children under one roof--because he has been working very hard.

She is elated that Vic was teary-eyed during his speech because she knows how much it means to him that they are all there.

Meanwhile, Pauleen said she understands why Danica commented that it's still too early to say if Pauleen can be a "potential wife" for her father. Pauleen knows where Danica is coming from. Besides, they are just growing close now. They only reunited now even though Pauleen and Vic have been together for three years.

She is grateful though that Danica makes her feel welcome in the family, and that she also makes Pauleen feel that she can talk to her about anything.

Is Vic the one for her already? "Well, you wouldn't stick naman sa isang relationship kung hindi mo gusto na you would end up with the person, 'di ba?"

"But, kasi kami ni Vic, we're very careful and we just wait for things to happen." Whatever the Lord plans for them, Pauleen is willing to take that and embrace it. She will just wait for the perfect time.

She maintained that their 35-year-old age gap is no issue at all. In order for two people to have a good relationship, they must always respect one another. Pauleen said she respects Vic and his relationship with his children. Vic also respects her values.

"So, para sa akin, wala sa edad 'yan kundi kung paano niyo minamahal at nirerespeto ang isa't isa."

What is her birthday wish for Vic? Pauleen said her boyfriend already has it all. There are so many people who love him and wish him well. All she can wish is that he will always have good health.

Vic is very workaholic, so Pauleen hopes he can also rest once in a while.

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Pauleen Luna Knows Her Place In Vic Sotto's Life

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