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Kim Chiu Appreciates Surprise Birthday Parties For Her

Kim Chiu was surprised to know that there are two birthday parties prepared for her by her loveteam partner, Xian Lim, in San Francisco, and her family, when she got back to Manila.

Her father, William Chiu, even attended the birthday party prepared by her family.

Kim, who celebrates her birthday on April 19, said she wasn't expecting anything because all the stores in San Francisco closes at 1PM since her birthday fell on a Sunday. She told the management that they can just celebrate it on the next day.

She was surprised to know that a party has been prepared for her already by Xian.

When she returns to Manila, she was also surprised that her family prepared something special for her. She was equally shocked that her father was there to attend the party. Kim came from two photoshoots that day, so she was actually very tired by the time the party started.

Before that, she asked her family, Xian and her other friends if they want to celebrate her birthday before April ends. All of them said they were busy, so Kim was feeling down by then.

She then told them that she will just go home. When she arrived, she found that her family and friends are all there. Her father was there even though he lives in Mindoro. Her brother traveled by land to get to her house. Even her sister, a flight attendant, was able to attend her birthday.

They were complete that night as a family, Kim said.

The actress-endorser said she doesn't keep grudges against her family despite the trials they had to undergo the past months and years. Once she decides to forgives, she also tries not to think about what happened anymore.

Meanwhile, Kim said she was touched by Xian's gesture of trying to make her happy on her birthday. "Sobrang happy at sobrang nakakatuwa. He never fails to surprise me kahit nasaan man kami."

During a recently held press conference, Xian said he is single and ready to mingle. Does this mean that there is nothing between him and Kim? The actress said she was aware that Xian will say something like that.

In fact, the actor called her before the press conference to tell her that he must say something along those lines. That is only part of their job, Kim said.

Kim also commented on the ending of her rift with former friend, Maja Salvador. She thanked God that everything is fine between them, and that they are both happy with what they have.

The two had a falling out because of Gerald Anderson, Kim's ex-boyfriend and Maja's current partner. They used to be the best of friends, and Kim would tell Maja all her misgivings about Gerald.

Kim said she felt betrayed that Maja fell for the same guy who broke her heart. Maja, on the other hand, said she asked Kim's permission before allowing Gerald to court her.

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Kim Chiu Appreciates Surprise Birthday Parties For Her

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