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Wowie De Guzman Answers Accusations About His Wife's Death

Wowie de Guzman took offense to the allegations that he is using his wife's death to re-enter showbiz. He said he's just allowing the public to know about what happened since he has been a part of the industry.

Sherryl Ann Reyes, Wowie's wife, was laid to rest on May 3. The next day, on May 4, Wowie appeared on "Buzz Ng Bayan" to give an interview regarding his wife's sudden demise.

Wowie feels that he is still a part of the industry even if he is not that visible in showbiz anymore. "Karapatan naman siguro ng tao na malaman kung ano ang nangyari because ang daming nagtatanong."

Another thing that is being questioned by the public is the fact that Wowie and his family did not let Sherryl's body undergo autopsy despite the fact that she has no known medical condition when she died. Sherryl just gave birth to their first child a month ago when she suddenly died.

Wowie explained that they cannot decide on whether or not Sherryl's body will undergo autopsy because they were all in shock. Until now, they were still surprised with what happened. It's unexpected, he added.

Even her family has not decided on what to do, so they deemed it more apt to just lay her body to rest.

"Siguro sa mga darating na araw, kapag bumaba na ng konti at matanggap na namin unti-unti, siguro po, doon maliliwanagan na ang mga isip namin."

What happened wasn't easy for them to move on from, Wowie said.

He admitted it is very hard for him to move on without his wife. His life revolved around her. After the burial, he didn't know what to do with his life.

"Lahat ng desisyon ko, tinatanong ko sa kanya, ultimo lalabas ako sa TV, tinatanong ko sa kanya."

When he grants interviews for television, Wowie asks his wife if it's okay with her or if he should do it. That's how dependent he is to her. The former matinee idol also said that a part of him was lost with his wife's death.

When the doctors told him that Sherryl was gone, what did he feel? Until now, Wowie cannot understand what he feels. It was like his soul was lifted an inch from his body, Wowie said.

The former dancer-actor said that he knows the doctors tried to save his wife's life. In fact, he can hear them trying to resuscitate her.

For now, Wowie just wants to focus on his Baby Rafi. Although it pains him to see his family like this (especially since he longed so much for one), Wowie wants to be strong for his child. "Masakit yung nangyayari sa amin, pero kailangan kong magpakatatag para po sa anak ko. Kawawa naman ang anak ko kung bibigay ako."

The fact that his wife is gone now hasn't sunk in to Wowie just yet. Everywhere he looks, he can see Sherryl. Wowie said that everyone in their family cannot accept what happened to Sherryl.

Sherryl's parents said that Wowie can stay with them in Pampanga. Wowie and Sherryl lived there for two years ever since they got married. He was like a son to them already.

At some point, Wowie is also blaming himself for what happened. He was always avoiding her because she's "mataray" to him. He doesn't want her blood pressure spiking up.

He didn't force her to go to the doctor or the hospital. If he only forced her instead of trying to avoid a confrontation, then maybe this could have been avoided.

He is hoping that he can still give their child the life they both committed themselves into. He wants to fulfill those dreams even though Sherryl is no longer with him.

It will be hard for him because he is used to Sherryl being with him. "Sana palaging may sign. Sana huwag niya akong pabayaan kahit na wala na siya."

If he can turn back time, Wowie would make Sherryl feel how much he loves her. The past month, they weren't able to spend that much time because they were focused on the baby. But if he only knew... then, Wowie would have kissed her, hugged her, and told her how much he loves her.

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Wowie De Guzman Answers Accusations About His Wife's Death

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