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Carl Guevara And Kris Bernal Break Up

Even though they never truly admitted that they are together, Carl Guevara said he and actress Kris Bernal have already broken up.

The actor-model said Kris broke up with him because of a misunderstanding. He and Kris had an argument before, but they quickly fixed it. Also, Carl usually pleases Kris when they had misunderstandings. This time, he gave her a week to think about it. Kris ended up breaking up with him.

There were rumors that they already broke up even before they went to Japan. But when their trip with Kris' family pushed through, many thought they have gotten back together.

Carl admitted the misunderstanding stemmed from his part. He gave her a week to think about it. When he texted her and asked how she was faring, Kris was surprised because he didn't talk to her for a week. "Well, kung tutuusin, ako ang may kasalanan. May ginawa akong bagay na hindi niya gusto, aminado naman ako dun."

He was quick to clarify, however, that the misunderstanding has nothing to do with a third-party. He just did something that Kris didn't agree with. She texted him, so he went to her house.

But then again, Kris was hard to talk to because she was still angry at him that time. They didn't have a formal closure since they only broke up through text.

"Kaso, wala pang closure, parang hinayaan ko muna. Kasi dati, kapag nagkakatampuhan kami, inaayos ko agad, e. Dito, binigyan ko muna siya ng one week na mag-isip, parang space."

When finally the Japan trip is nearing, Kris texted Carl to ask if he will come with them to Japan. Although the tickets and the hotel rooms have been paid already, Carl said he will just reimburse it because he doesn't want to come if they are not in good terms.

Kris' mother, however, asked Carl to join them. She was the one who fixed their visas and their travel itinerary. Carl decided to come anyway.

How was he and Kris during the trip? They were sweet to each other, but they didn't talk about their supposed breakup. They also decided that they will just give each other space--no checking on each other and no demands.

"Siguro, gusto niya suyuin ko siya ulit."

Is he making an effort for Kris? Little by little, Carl said. He added it's hard to woo the actress since she's always busy.

However, Carl said they are now allowed to date other people. In short, they are both single. For now. Kris wants him to pursue her again, but Carl said he's waiting for the right time.

"Si Kris, mahal ko ‘yan, mahal ko… siya ang matagal kong nakarelasyon. At saka, mabait si Kris, mabait siya."

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Carl Guevara And Kris Bernal Break Up

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