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Dingdong Dantes Starts Taping For Primetime Series And Horror Movie

Dingdong Dantes is busy taping for "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" with Lovi Poe and Maricel Soriano. This will be his comeback in the primetime slot of GMA-7.

During one scene, Dingdong wedded both Maricel and Lovi. Both women were wearing the same gown.

How was it working with the Diamond Star? Dingdong said he still feels nervous even though he has done many projects before. He said it's okay to be nervous because it means he is always on his toes.

Of course, he was also starstrucked by Maricel. Dingdong said though that they are okay now and they bonded really well during the first taping days.

"Maganda kasi na may kaba, kasi mas exciting yung ganun kesa kapag sobrang confident mo na, di ba? Maganda yung palaging may excitement sa lahat ng bagay para, kumbaga, yung passion mo ay palaging nandoon."

Acting is one great challenge for Dingdong, so it is better that he tackles roles that are different from each other.

This is the second time that Dingdong will star alongside Lovi. They were first together in "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles" back in 2012.

Dingdong is happy to work with Lovi again since it's different when one is working for a television series and when he/she is doing a movie. He thought that Lovi fits the role of Mrs. Real perfectly.

Does he choose who to star with in a movie or teleserye? Dingdong said he trusts the network to do that for him.

Dingdong will also be working with Coney Reyes for this teleserye. He shared that he already taped a scene with her. He is grateful that GMA-7 gave him the opportunity and the experience of working alongside such veteran actors.

"The fact that working with them is already a big thing, marami po kaming puwedeng matutunan. Marami kaming puwedeng i-apply sa aming trabaho lalo na ngayon."

"Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" is a heavy family drama with a complicated plot, Dingdong said, adding that the complications are relatable in real life. The actor said he has stepped up in the characters he is playing in movies and TV shows.

He thinks something like "Ang Dalawang Mrs. real" will be relatable to the viewers.

Aside from this teleserye, Dingdong will also do another horror movie project--"Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles." This is the second installment for the "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles" that was shown in 2012.

Dingdong already finished two shooting days. He is quite excited for the film since this is different from what he usually does.

Kubot is a bat-like creature, according to Philippine folklore. Dingdong said that's what's great about folklores, there's room for reimagining. It's an old tale, but it's also important that it can be presented to the modern world.

The actor belived "Kubot" is on a higher level than "Tiktik." He will star alongside Isabelle Daza in "Kubot." Dingdong said they chose Isabelle because she fits the role perfectly. Also, since it will be a franchise, they have to keep moving forward in terms of plots and characters.

There are also other projects lined up for him, but he cannot reveal it until a script is presented to him. "So, you know, things really happen magically for reasons, e. Minsan, hindi naman masyadong pinaplano ang lahat."

Meanwhile, Dingdong is proud of his accomplishments as a student. Even though he is already a successful actor, Dingdong still found time to finish his college degree. He recently graduated from West Negros University.

Dingdong said he has to continue living life as normal as possible, so he has something to fall back on when the glamour of stardom has faded away.

He likes engaging himself in different hobbies like motoring. His YesPinoy Foundation is another thing. The construction of the foundation-funded school in Estancia, Iloilo is currently ongoing. This town was affected during Typhoon Yolanda.

Although the two-storey building won't be finished in time for the opening of classes, Dingdong said there will surely be a turnover once it is finished.

There is another project that Dingdong is busy with--the One Chair, One Child. They just needed to hit the target they set for themselves.

Can he ask anything more in his life? "Hindi, ayoko namang… hindi naman ako yung tipo ng taong binibilang ko kung ano ang kakulangan. I appreciate what I have."

If he will count what he has, then he will always crave for more, Dingdong said. He wants to be grateful for what he has.

How was the vacation in Japan with his girlfriend, Marian Rivera? Dingdong is happy that Marian was able to relax because that trip was really for her.

With their busy schedule, do they still see each other? They see each other during weekends, and he and his siblings even went to the fiesta in Marian's town.

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Dingdong Dantes Starts Taping For Primetime Series And Horror Movie

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