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Marjorie Barretto Says Claudine Never Tried To Reach Out To Her Children

Claudine Barretto claimed that her sister, Marjorie, took away her rights to visit her nieces and nephews. In a statement, Marjorie said Claudine never tried to call her children.

"I will never deprive you of seeing my children. Never. Please don’t claim to love my children when not too long ago, you tried so hard to destroy them."

Claudine recently visited her niece, Julia, on the set of "Mirabella." Some said she just used that as a means to go to ABS-CBN and see if the network is still willing to take her in.

Earlier, she also claimed that Gretchen and Marjorie forced her to go to a mental hospital. She even said she was forced into a straight jacket.

But Marjorie said they did that because their parents begged them to. This was after Claudine's personal assistant reported that she took all her anti-anxiety medicines.

"We had with us a doctor and an ambulance from a very reputable hospital because we didn’t want you to die, Claudine. We were saving your life."

Marjorie also said they don't have a straitjacket and they were only trying to protect her. "We don’t want you to die most especially in front of your children."

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Marjorie Barretto Says Claudine Never Tried To Reach Out To Her Children

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