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Maegan Aguilar Says Dad Freddie Threw Her And Her Kids Out Of His House

Maegan Aguilar has turned against his dad Freddie Aguilar and revealed that the “Anak” singer threw her and her kids out of his home.

In an interview with Dolly Ann Carvajal published by The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Maegan accused her dad of being a bad father.

“He is a bad man and a negligent father. I had an awful childhood,” Maegan said. She added that Freddie is the reason why she and her siblings did not prosper in showbiz. Freddie, she said, was the person who destroyed his children’s careers because he wanted all the glory for himself.

“We lack confidence because he wanted us to fail, so that we would be forever at his mercy,” the singer said.

She said she is now cutting ties with the folk singer. She also said that she is tired of covering up for her dad.

Initially, when Freddie was entangled in controversy because of his self-admitted sexual relationship with an underage girl she later married in Islamic rights, Maegan defended her. Because of this, Maegan said that she was harassed by DOMs but took it all because of “blind loyalty”.

But what made Maegan snap? It seems that the better question is what made Freddie snap.

According to Maegan, she and her kids were thrown out of his father’s house because of plain vegetables and a mere P1,500.

“He got mad because the vegetables that he kept in the refrigerator got rotten. I told him I did not touch the veggies because I knew he would get upset,” Maegan said.

Furthermore, the folk singer’s daughter said that her father got mad because she did not pay a P1,500 loan she said she used to buy diapers for one of her kids.

What’s more, if people are wondering why she could not pay for the money she borrowed, Maegan said that she gets paid only P4,000 for working at his father’s bar in Tomas Morato.

Saying she is underpaid, Maegan continued, “He gets mad that we [are] always cash-strapped. It’s his fault.”

Turning against the young wife Freddie married recently, Maegan said that his father gives his wife’s family P9,000 every week.

“Me, all I got were hurtful words,” she said.

Addressing possible criticisms, Maegan said that she would not jeopardize the safety of her kids just because of pride. She said that her father will likely claim that she ran away but the truth, she said, is that he threw them out of the house.

Narcissistic Freddie

According to Maegan, his father is really a very self-absorbed man.

“All he thinks about is himself. He’s the only one who matters in this world,” she said, adding that Freddie would often tell his kids that they amount to nothing because they did not compose “Anak”.

Furthermore, Maegan said, “I was mentally and emotionally damaged in his house. I will never return, even if he threatens to have me killed.”

Because of this new development, Maegan is appealing to Gabriela and Muslim groups to stop supporting her father.

“My past statement of support for my father’s marriage to a young girl was a complete lie. I was never in favor [of that]. I got hurt when he married her without telling me or other family member,” she said.

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Maegan Aguilar Says Dad Freddie Threw Her And Her Kids Out Of His House

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