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Daniel Padilla Muses About Being Called The "Teen King"

Daniel Padilla is the first in Philippine entertainment to be hailed as the "teen king." This was after the singer-actor hosted two major concerts at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, no less, and had several box-office hits both on television and on the silver screen.

Daniel said he is flattered by the attention he is getting, and he is constantly awed that something like this can happen to him. He is thankful for all his fans and even to the media who call him a "teen king," but he would never impose on anyone to call him as such.

How does he remain grounded? "Siyempre, sa tulong din po ng maraming tao. Yung mga tao sa paligid ko na ginagabayan po ako at lahat."

He is grateful that the people surrounding him have all good intentions, and they also always teach him to do right by others and never to forget where he came from.

If there's one thing that scares Daniel, it is the possibility of his stardom fading in the near future. It happens, he said, adding that it's what he strives to prevent from happening.

Daniel just came from a vacation in the island-resort of Boracay. He was with his family, friends, bandmates and co-workers, but off-screen and possibly on-screen partner, Kathryn Bernardo, was not there with them.

Why is that? Kathryn, hailed as the "teen queen," has work, Daniel said. If she doesn't have prior commitments, she would surely go with Daniel, his family and his friends.

Daniel shared he and his family just transferred to their new home. Although the exteriors are not done yet, they can already sleep and stay there.

His mother, Karla Estrada, is very happy with the achievements he has attained. In fact, they were supposed to transfer to their new house on Friday, but Karla already slept there as early as Wednesday.

He recalled a conversation with his mother wherein he told her to wait until Friday, but Karla said she can stay there because the air-con has been installed already.

Kathryn was able to visit their new house when Daniel hosted a party dinner there. But the teen king clarified he cannot feel yet that he has already managed to buy his family a house.

Meanwhile, Daniel shared a little about his current relationship with Kathryn. Right now, he is still courting her and hasn't even said "I love you" to the teen actress.

He was teased about always holding Kathryn's hands. Does that mean something? It only means that they have a mutual understanding about Daniel pursuing her, the teen actor said.

But when it comes to kissing Kathryn even on-screen, Daniel understands that it will take a long time before the actress' parents allow her to do that.

They are now doing a movie entitled "I'm Dating A Gangster." Will it have a kissing scene? Daniel would rather not say.

There was a rumor before that linked Daniel to another Kapamilya teen star, Julia Barretto. Daniel said they worked together in a commercial and that was it. There was nothing more than that, he insisted.

Did he and Julia talk about it? No, Daniel said. There was nothing to talk about. He also didn't discuss the issue with Kathryn.

Daniel did not comment on issues that linked Kathryn to another actor like Enrique Gil. What's important for him is that they are both happy with each other.

Kathryn is a very important part of his life, Daniel said.

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Daniel Padilla Muses About Being Called The

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