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Enzo Pineda Moves On After Breakup With Louise Delos Reyes

Enzo Pineda decided he should move on after his breakup with actress Louise Delos Reyes. He found things that made him happy, especially with his work, his dreams and his goals.

All the experiences he underwent in the past months made him a stronger person, Enzo said, adding that he is now extra confident when it comes to handling life itself.

Things happen for a reason, Enzo said, and his breakup with Louise had certainly made him a better and stronger person. "Mas natuto ako when it comes to life and handling life itself. I mean, it’s not just about yung mga good times that you remember, but also the things that make you a stronger person."

Enzo and Louise still work together on "Sunday All Stars." Enzo said he is just being professional about it. There are more important things than their breakup, he added.

"I’m just really focused pagdating sa trabaho at saka ang pinunta ko naman doon ay work."

There were reports that the reason why the two broke up was because Louise went out with his "Kambal Sirena" co-star, Aljur Abrenica. Enzo admitted he was hurt by their breakup, but he chose to go forward.

"For me, inikot ko na lang yun in a positive things that will make me learn more about life and to handle life itself, yun lang yun."

Asked how he is dealing with Aljur now, Enzo said they are okay and they work together. They don't see each other that often though even though Aljur is also a regular performer on "Sunday All Stars." They have different dressing rooms.

Enzo didn't take the rumors lightly, he said. But then, he realized that he cannot just focus on it and he needs to move on.

"Wala na, e. Ano pa ba ang ie-expect ko? I just have to move on and look for something better, ‘di ba?"

Enzo didn't want to answer whether or not he felt Louise cheated on him. It is better if the media will just ask Louise and Aljur about it.

What happened between them tested Enzo's patience, strength and values, he said. He believed God brought him to that situation because he can handle it.

He and Louise lasted for three years. Did he regret what happened? There's definitely no regrets for Enzo, he said, adding that he learned a lot about himself in their relationship.

They had good times and good memories and he will always remember those. "You get to discover something new all the time and, I mean, some things are not meant to be talaga, kaya ganun yun."

However, Enzo said that when it comes to relationships, he's very faithful. He values that in a relationship. Enzo never cheated on any of his ex-girlfriends.

It’s sometimes funny, the actor said, because a lot of people have a different perception of his being loyal and faithful. "ero kilala ko naman ang sarili ko and I don’t want to do things that I will regret someday at parang ikakasama ng loob ko."

When it comes to Louise, Enzo said he still wishes her the best. He doesn't want to close doors for now though when asked if there's a possibility they might get back together.

During their three-year relationship, Enzo said he definitely gave all to Louise. That's how he is in a relationship.

Of course, he will miss Louise and the time they spent together. He will always cherish their memories together, but he knew he had to move on already and look for "something new."

If there's one thing that turned out right from the breakup, it is that Enzo learned who truly cared for him. There were some people who he thought did not give an inkling about him, but it turned out they were the ones who really care for him.

He felt sad that he didn't notice these people cared for him in the past. He also appreciated his family more because they supported him through the ordeal.

His father even talked about what happened between Enzo and Louise. Enzo said he appreciated what his father did because when it comes to having problems, he never asked for help from him.

"Usually, ako mismo ang gumagawa, pero hindi ko talaga in-expect. Hindi ko talaga na-expect na sila rin pala yung tutulong para sa akin."

"At hindi ko rin naman mapipigilan because they are doing their part bilang isang magulang na pinuprotektahan ang kanilang anak."

He is thankful to his family though because they made him who he is now. He is definitely more mature and dignified now. Enzo said he is wiser and stronger now.

He definitely knows how to handle life better now.

Right now, Enzo is surrounding himself with positive people--people who are "beautiful, intelligent conversation with, yung ako naman ang matututo."

He gets to learn a lot of things, especially from different people, Enzo said.

In the future, Enzo said it doesn't matter if his girlfriend will come from showbiz or not. "And siyempre, dapat kilalanin din ang family, a good family background. Siguro, isa rin yun sa importante sa akin."

Enzo said family is important to him, and he wants to be with someone who cares a lot for his family. The actor wants to be with someone who is sweet, caring and someone he can learn from.

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Enzo Pineda Moves On After Breakup With Louise Delos Reyes

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