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Sheryn Regis Enters Into An Affair With Another Woman

Reports said that singer Sheryn Regis has entered into an affair with another woman. Although Sheryn is already married with kids and is now living in the US, the "other woman" in the affair confirmed their past relationship.

Sheryn was Erik Santos' runner-up in the now defunct ABS-CBN show "Star In A Million."

The "other woman" was identified as Emy Madrigal, a businesswoman residing in the United States. According to her, she met Sheryn through her relative who said the singer was interested to meet her.

She didn't know Sheryn at that time yet since she was just a contestant of "Star In A Million." For a time after the competition, Sheryn was a regular on "ASAP" until she went to the US and got married.

Recently, Sheryn went back to the Philippines and had some guestings in the hopes to revive her singing career. Sheryn went back to the US because she can only stay in the country for six months.

Emy said Sheryn was the one who pursued her. They were friends before, and usually talk on the phone. Sheryn calls her "Mommy." Until one day, Sheryn told her that she is a lesbian and that she loves her already.

She was surprised at first because Sheryn was very "girly girl" in her shows, and she's also married with kids. Emy also knows her husband. Is Emy a lesbian too? She denied this, saying that she was separated from her husband when she met Sheryn. She also has two kids.

It was the first time a lesbian courted her, she said. At that time, she was lonely and needed new friends. "Nataon na ipinakilala siya sa akin noong separada ako. Doon na nagsimula ‘yon. But now, nagkabalikan kami ng mister ko."

From 2005 to 2010, Sheryn and Emy have a mutual understanding because Emy knows Sheryn is also confused with her preference. They only started their relationship in 2011.

"Nabanggit nga niya na gusto na raw niyang magpakatotoo, pero may takot siya. Kasi nga nandiyan ang pamilya niya."

That time, Sheryn still has a career in the Philippines, so Emy said they can just have an understanding. In 2011, they became official.

What was their relationship like? Emy said it was consummated, and that they would do what lovers do when they are together. They also did it through Skype.

It was easy for Emy to love Sheryn because she was the aggressive one--she would always pursue and please her. Sheryn was even jealous of Emy and her business trips. She always calls her and wants to make sure that Emy was really doing business and not meeting anyone.

"E, that time nga, hiwalay ako sa mister ko. Yung lungkot ko, si Sheryn ang nagpawala. Ibinigay siya sa akin yung importansiya na matagal ko nang hinahanap."

"Kaya yun, minahal ko siya—nagmamahalan kami talaga."

Sheryn was honest about her life in the US. According to Emy, Sheryn's husband has no work and their child studies in a private school. TFC rarely gives Sheryn a show.

Emy feels for Sheryn because her life was a "big mess" in the States. That is why when Sheryn has shows, Emy would usually buy all her CDs and give them to Sheryn's fans. One of Emy's weaknesses was that she gave in to all of Sheryn's wants and needs.

What were the things she was able to provide for Sheryn? Emy doesn't want to enumerate it. All she knows was that she gave what she can to the singer. "Sabi ko nga, kapag hiniling niya, mabilis kong ibibigay. And I mean, kahit ano, basta kayang kong ibigay kay Sheryn, ibinibigay ko."

However, there were times that Sheryn wouldn't contact her for weeks and months. The longest was six months. After a while, Sheryn would apologize to her and ask for something. Emy would forgive her and give her what she wants.

Then, it will happen again. Emy thought Sheryn was having problems or worse, she was having another affair. That scared her because Sheryn doesn't usually leave her hanging like that.

Her worst fears were confirmed when she learned Sheryn had another affair with another woman. This had been going on since 2007.

"Kaya doon ako nagalit dahil habang kami pala, may iba pa pala siya. May ibang babae pala siya."

She learned that the woman was the owner of the house Sheryn and her family were living in Texas. Emy met the woman and she was able to confirm this.

Emy said Sheryn doesn't want to spend money on her family, so what she did was to make others provide for them.

She was finally able to confront her when they went back to the Philippines. Emy went home because she heard that Sheryn was here. She wanted to know what happened to them.

Sheryn agreed to talk with Emy, but it didn't turn out right. Sheryn went to her house, bringing all the things Emy gave her. She's returning it. Emy said she was not asking for those things.

Sheryn told her there was an NBI agent or marshal waiting for her downstairs. She even threatened Emy, asking her to turn off her phone and end her call on Skype (Emy was talking to a relative that time).

"Kaya gulat ako sa mga ikinikilos niya. Para siyang napapraning—para siyang may kinakatakutan. Doon ko lang siya unang nakitang kumilos ng gano’n."

Sheryn dared her to come out about their affair. She even said that she will pay Emy all her debts, but Emy said she wasn't talking about those things. She just wants to know what happened with them.

Emy never thought about ruining Sheryn or her family because she also loved her. But then, she realized Sheryn was a different person already. She was not the same person she had an affair with.

Sheryn was the one who told her that it's okay if everyone will know she's a lesbian. Emy thought it would be better for Sheryn because she can be herself already.

Does she think Sheryn's husband, Earl, knows about his wife's sexual preference? "Palagay ko matagal na niyang alam, pero kilala ko si Earl. Mabait siya, e. Hindi na lang siguro ito nagsasalita."

Emy also learned from someone that Sheryn had a relationship with another woman when she was still a part of a band in Cebu. Also, they lived inside the house of one of Sheryn's girlfriends. "Hindi naman siguro bulag si Earl sa mga nangyayari sa loob ng bahay nila."

Emy has already closed her doors on Sheryn. She will never go back to the singer after all the harassment she got from her. But she is also thankful to Sheryn because her husband is now back in her life. He has been very supportive of her ordeal with Sheryn.

Even Emy's children knew about what happened with Sheryn. She never kept anything from them. She is hoping that Sheryn will do the same.

Emy cleared she has nothing to gain by what she told. If the public wants proof, she has those too. However, why would she want to do that to herself? She also has witnesses of their relationship.

"Kung mag-deny siya, yun naman siguro ang gawain niya. Pagkatao niya ay matagal niyang itinago. Pero isa lang ang masasabi ko kay Sheryn at alam niya ito—hindi ako sinungaling."

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Sheryn Regis Enters Into An Affair With Another Woman

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