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Gabby Eigenmann Says Geoff Eigenmann And Carla Abellana Should Be More Mature

Gabby Eigenmann hints that lack of maturity might be the reason why the four-year relationship of his cousin Geoff and ex-girlfriend Carla Abellana ended.

He will not be surprised if the two will end up together in the end. It just happened that there are many boulders in their relationship that they weren't able to take down.

They need to be more mature in the time they will spend apart in order to work out their issues, Gabby said.

He just came from a Japan vacation with his family and Geoff. Supposedly, they will take that trip together with Carla and Andi. Carla backed out because she has to promote "So It's You" and also because of her personal issues with Geoff.

That trip was planned as early as last year when Carla and Geoff were still together.

Andi, on the other hand, was not allowed to take an extended vacation from the teleserye "Dyesebel."

It would have been happier if Carla can come with them because Gabby treats her like a sister. Also, they have been travelling together in the past years that his family is used to being with her already.

It could also be a different experience for Geoff if Carla was with them. Of course, Geoff was also happy to spend time with his nieces and nephews.

Gabby is honest enough to speak for the whole Eigenmann clan that they were saddened by the breakup of the two. They all thought Carla is the one for Geoff.

"Sabi ko nga, may mga trials na minsan madaling hakbangan, madaling iwasan, madaling ilagan. Pero ‘eto, malalaki yung mga boulders na hindi nila natibag."

Did Geoff and Carla ask for his advice? Geoff is a silent person, and don't usually go running to them for advice. Carla was the one who talked with him. Gabby told her that she was to weigh the sacrifices each of them made and whether or not the relationship still makes them happy.

He told Carla that if she's not happy anymore, then she should move on with her life. At the end of the day, fulfillment cannot be hastened. It's either a single person reaches for that alone or the couple finds fulfillment together.

Gabby's friendship with Carla was affected by the breakup since they don't text that much anymore. She's probably busy with her projects while Gabby is also set to do a project with GMA-7.

That's good also because it keeps all of them from dwelling so much on what happened.

When it comes with the breakup, Gabby said he remained in the middle. He never sided with Geoff because he's his cousin.

"Wala namang may mali sa kanila. Ni isa sa kanila, wala namang mali, e. It’s just that these two people who had this relationship… na sila lang ang nakakaalam kung ano talaga ang problema."

Some said that the reason why Carla and Geoff broke up is because the actor has no clear goals when it comes to his future and the future of his relationship with Carla. Gabby cannot speak for Geoff, but he maintained that Geoff and the relationship grew before his eyes.

Geoff is a happy-go-lucky guy, yet he turned more mature in the four years that he has been with Carla. At first, Carla understands that about Geoff. He even found his own identity with the actress--someone who will understand him and take him as he is.

However, when problems arise, they weren't able to surpass it because of lack of maturity. "Not just Geoff’s part. Both parties naman, e. Pareho sila."

Meanwhile, he also talked about Andi's and Jake Ejercito's on-and-off-again relationship. The last time he heard, Andi is single again, he said.

There are also those who say that she's going out with someone new, but Gabby doesn't want to interfere into her personal life. "As long as she’s happy on what she’s doing, and always taking good care of her daughter, okay naman kami doon."

Gabby has already met Jake, and he has no ill things to say about him. He's a nice guy, the actor said. But when it comes to their relationship, that's up to them already, he added.

He never talked to Jake to threaten him to take care of his sister. Gabby trusts Andi enough in making the right decisions in her life. She also comes to him for advice if she needs it.

What's important is that Andi is happy and she is taking care of her daughter, Elle, well.

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Gabby Eigenmann Says Geoff Eigenmann And Carla Abellana Should Be More Mature

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