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Tom Rodriguez Doesn't Want To Force Friendship With Carla Abellana

Right now, Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana are just friends and are getting to know each other. Tom doesn't want to force a relationship out of their friendship since they are both busy with their careers.

Although he is not closing his doors on the possibility of falling in love with Carla and leaving it up to God, Tom said he's just simply enjoying what's between the two of them.

He cannot control anything. "Sa akin, ayaw ko lang pilitin ang kahit na ano. Ayoko muna. At least, hindi ko pipilitin."

Tom and Carla worked together in the hit teleserye "My Husband's Lover" and again, in "So It's You" under GMA Films.

Nothing is stopping him from falling in love with Carla since she has just ended her four-year relationship with Geoff Eigenmann. However, Tom said that no one knows what can happen in the future.

He felt how their friendship grew from "My Husband's Lover" to "So It's You," Tom said, adding that he's enjoying this another chapter of his friendship with Carla.

They also toured the US together for "My Husband's Lover."

Because of the success of their teleserye, many were hoping that they will end up together. Tom said he cannot blame the public because "people are open to their own interpretation, to their own wishes."

He also didn't ask Carla about her recent breakup with Geoff since they are not in the habit of interfering with each other's personal lives. His role is, when they are at work, is to make it as pleasant as possible for Carla.

"If she’s going something in her life, ayaw ko nang makadagdag o makisawsaw pa doon. I’ll just make her experience with us sa set really, really pleasant."

Tom said he has no time for love right now because he is so busy. He never imagined he can be a leading man after being contented with his projects on ABS-CBN. He was formerly part of the hit "Be Careful With My Heart."

Although he considers what he has now a blessing, Tom admitted he is still adjusting to his new and hectic schedule.

He also said he is happy that he is given roles like this, so he can avoid being typecasted in gay roles. He and Dennis Trillo, his co-star in "My Husband's Lover," have enjoyed the adoration of fans.

Tom's next project with GMA will start this June or July. There is no definite schedule yet for it though, and the actor cannot yet reveal more details about it.

He will do another teleserye with Carla, but Dennis will not be a part of it. There are also reports, saying he will star alongside Rhian Ramos.

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Tom Rodriguez Doesn't Want To Force Friendship With Carla Abellana

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