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Maricar De Mesa Is Slowly Coping After Separation From Don Allado

Maricar de Mesa was surprised by the decision of her estranged husband to end their marriage. Maricar said work has kept her busy and out of depression.

It is a good thing that she has many projects now because she has no time to dwell on what happened to them. She is still coping from the separation, saying it has been a slow and painful process.

She is also learning to accept the idea that they may never really get back together. Maricar and Don have been together for 11 years, so it's not that easy to throw those memories away.

She's taking it one at a time, the actress added.

Maricar was surprised by Don's move to permanently separate. "Ako rin talaga nagulat. Ginulat niya ako. Parang bigla na lang niya akong in-upper cut ‘tapos knockout ako."

There were no signs from Don that he was thinking about separating from her or ending their marriage. Although they had disagreements before, the one that started this separation was actually a petty quarrel. Maricar never thought it will lead to their actual separation.

In the past 11 years, they never separated like this before. They are only communicating now through their lawyers. Some said Don is ready to file for annulment--something Maricar said she has been waiting for already.

The actress, however, said her lawyer hasn't mentioned anything about annulment to her yet.

Right now, they are discussing issues like separation of properties and the likes. She was advised by her lawyer not to talk about the cause of their marriage's breakup and other marital problems. Also, Maricar said she is not ready to thresh out the details yet.

"Hindi pa rin ako ready na pag-usapan nang one-on-one. Hindi pa, e, mabigat pa."

She is slowly learning to be alone again. For 11 years, she has been dependent on Don. Now, she has to go home alone, eat alone, sleep alone, wake up alone, watch movies alone and go to church alone.

"So, basically, I guess, it’s a process. I’m learning to enjoy being alone. Siyempre madaming memories na naaalala mo at naiiyak na lang ako."

What were the things that push her on the verge of tears? She cries over simple things that remind her of Don--like being unable to work out the wireless network in their home or going home and knowing it'll be an empty house.

Right now, Don still has things in their house. Maricar said she hopes Don will get those already because it will be "trash" eventually.

Does she still love Don? "Of course. Napaka-ipokrita ko naman kung sasabihin ko na wala na, hindi ko na siya mahal." She cannot say if there's still hope they will get back together. She isn't feeling anything like that now.

She learned a lot from her failed marriage with Don. She knows now what needs to be adjusted in herself. If ever they get back together, Don might be surprised by the changes in her. If not, then it will benefit the next guy in her life.

She also has a fault on why things ended, Maricar said. "Siyempre, it takes two to tango. Siyempre, hindi naman yung sa kanya lang."

Reports said Maricar's lavish lifestyle is the reason why they broke up. Is this true? Maricar said it's better if she doesn't answer that issue.

What about the vitro fertilization procedure she and Don decided to undergo because they wanted to have a baby? Maricar joked Don may have thrown that away already.

Maricar said it's such a waste that they weren't able to go through with the procedure since they already paid for it and they took efforts for it.

Somehow, her inability to have kids may be the reason why Don decided to separate. "I guess, somehow. Hindi siya nakapaghintay. Pero malay mo naman may willing maghintay, ‘di ba?"

Maricar is meeting new people everyday, especially when she's not working and is attending showbiz events. However, she is not open to dating just yet.

"Gusto ko mawala muna yung pain, yung hurt na meron ako. And then, after that, I’m hoping that I’ll find happiness again someday."

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Maricar De Mesa Is Slowly Coping After Separation From Don Allado

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