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Lance Raymundo’s Face Changed After Surgery, Say Observers

It seems Lance Raymundo is now doing fine after having reconstructive surgery due to the damage done to his face after a freak accident in March.

However, some netizens took to social media sites to remark how the actor’s face has changed.

In posts on his Instagram page, his manager's Instagram page, and reports on newspapers and websites of news organizations, a photo of Raymundo’s reconstructed face has emerged.

This photo has prompted some people to say that his features have improved.

Take a look at some of these posts:

However, these comments might not echo the opinion of everyone. In an interview with GMA News’ Aubrey Carampel, Raymundo proudly revealed his new face on Tuesday. GMA News, in report on its website, says that nearly nothing has changed when comparing Raymundo’s face before and after the accident and multiple surgeries.

Meanwhile, in the report, the actor talked about just how serious his injuries were.

He said that he is very thankful that he has survived as not only did he broke his nose, his cheekbones and went temporarily blind, the impact of the 95-pound barbell he was bench-pressing managed to hit his brain.

Raymundo said that even if he went through a lot because of the accident, he is thankful because his family.

On the topic of whether he has had his face improved, we will let you, our audience, decide. Here are photos of Raymundo posted by him and his manager Shandii Bacolod on Instagram in various stages before, during and after his surgery.




Did Raymundo have plain reconstructive surgery or did he get a little bit creative? Sound off in the comments below.

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Lance Raymundo’s Face Changed After Surgery, Say Observers

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