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Sheryn Regis Denies Affair With Another Woman

Sheryn Regis said she never had an affair with businesswoman Emy Madrigal, and that she did not use anyone to gain what she has.

Earlier, Emy said Sheryn was the one who pursued her and that she stood as the "man" in their relationship. In the end, she even said she gave whatever Sheryn asked from her since the singer was having a hard time in her life in the United States.

Emy revealed that Sheryn had another affair with another woman while they were together, and that was why the singer did not contact her for months. When they finally spoke, Sheryn challenged her to publicize what happened to them.

In an official statement, Sheryn said she would have wanted to remain silent about what was said about her. However, since she has a family to protect, the singer decided to clarify the issue already. Since 2010, she and her family migrated to the US to have a quiet life. She doesn't have any regrets with the decision, and is thankful to the Lord "for giving me such a quiet and contented life."

"Alam ko sa puso ko kung ano ang responsibilidad ko bilang isang ina sa pagpapalaki ng aking nag-iisang anak. Tinanggap ko maging katuwang ng aking asawa sa paghahanapbuhay."

Sheryn said her husband, Earl, has a job in the US, contrary to Emy's claim that he doesn't earn anything.

The singer related that since 2012, she regularly goes home to the Philippines, so she can be with her parents and have a vacation. She is fortunate enough that whenever she is in the country, she receives bookings and guestings. "Whatever I earned from those projects, lahat pinaghirapan."

Sheryn said she is thankful to her fans for supporting her through all these years. She clarified that she never used anyone for her own gain, and that she will never let herself be used by other people too.

"Hindi ako pinalaki ng magulang ko para manira, manggamit, at manloko ng ibang tao."

Since she is part of the entertainment industry, she has already gotten used to the defamatory issues cast against her. She knows she cannot please everybody, and people will say what they want to say about her. Some would also misinterpret her kindness and assume the worst about her.

"Once and all, I am issuing this public statement to protect my reputation as well as of my family. Whatever the intentions are for doing these will be given justice by the people who would either believe it or not."

What matters to Sheryn is that she has the love of her family, friends and the support of her fans. She will remain strong, grateful and satisfied with her life.

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Sheryn Regis Denies Affair With Another Woman

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