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Lovi Poe Doesn't Want To Label Relationship With Rocco Nacino

Even after spending a romantic vacation in Europe over the Holy Week, Lovi Poe still doesn't want to put a label to her relationship with Rocco Nacino. She said it is better this way for the both of them.

The last relationship Lovi admitted was with Jolo Revilla. She also remained mum about her affair with Ronald Singson. Lovi said she just prioritizes her career more now. She doesn't want to lock herself in a relationship.

She doesn't know—that's what she always answers when asked about the real score between her and Rocco.

What if Rocco dates another woman? "Well, it’s his choice, wala tayong magagawa." Lovi revealed they never talked about dating another person while they are in this stage of their relationship.

Rocco has never asked her whether she wants to be in a committed relationship with him. They just had dinner at the Eiffel Tower, but Rocco never asked her the question.

Lovi admitted she is scared now to be in a relationship because of what happened before. "I’m doing it step by step, baby steps lang sa ngayon. I’m kind of open na rin naman."

She is already 25 years old. Is she thinking about marriage? Definitely no, Lovi said, adding that she is not the type of person who will think that her next boyfriend is going to be her husband. "I don’t think that way, e. I’ll only think of it kapag I feel it na talaga."

Meanwhile, Lovi talked about her role as Sheila Salazar-Real in "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real." Some may say that she is just the mistress of Dingdong's character (Anthony Real) because he was already married to Millet Gonzales-Real (Maricel Soriano).

Lovi said she cannot determine yet what her role would be since she and Maricel were both stuck in the situation. "At yun ang magiging twist at conflict ng story. Magkaiba rin ang ugali ni Sheila at Ms. Maricel."

Sheila is a fighter and aggressive, but naive too. She doesn't think well about her decisions and she is impulsive. On the other hand, Lovi described Maricel's role as someone who's very regal and sophisticated--the exact opposite of Sheila.

She's finding it hard to relate to her character because being a mistress is something she will never do. She questions the decisions being made by her character.

She wanted to remain strong on the possible confrontation scene with Maricel. She doesn't have that part of the script, however.

Lovi said she is ready to take on a mistress role. "Well ako, I cannot judge these people naman kasi. Mahirap once you’re in that situation, mahirap na magsalita rin. I cannot say anything against them also kasi, kanya-kanya rin ‘yan ng desisyon sa buhay."

"Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" is the second time she and Dingdong will pair for a project. They first worked together on "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles."

It was nice working with Maricel because she's very funny and jolly. That broke the ice between them. The first time they worked together was on "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." This is the first time though for them to be in one scene.

Lovi said that she has no problem with Marian Rivera, Dingdong's girlfriend. She hasn't seen Marian lately.

It can be remembered that Marian and Heart Evangelista, Lovi's friend, had a misunderstanding before. Lovi was closer to Heart, so everyone thought she sided with Heart on that issue.

"That’s hard for me to answer kasi, it will bring up old issues, pero I think everybody has moved on from that already. Even Heart, and I’m sure, Marian has moved on from that."

She never thought about mediating between the two of them since she hasn't talked to Marian for a long time. What's important is that she has no issue with Marian.

"No conflict naman. I wanna clarify to everybody, there’s no conflict between the two of us and I’m just here to work."

She and Dingdong have a good working relationship, Lovi said. She added that the actor is a gentleman and very considerate and humble.

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Lovi Poe Doesn't Want To Label Relationship With Rocco Nacino

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