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Richard Gutierrez And Sarah Lahbati To Show Baby Zion In Reality Show

Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati revealed that they will finally show to the world their Baby Zion on the next episode of "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez" on June 8. Richard and Sarah just recently admitted to having a child.

They previously denied that Sarah was pregnant, and that was why she left for her home country of Switzerland last year. She supposedly gave birth to Baby Zion in April last year.

During the pilot episode of the reality show starring the Gutierrez family, Richard admitted he is a proud father. Sarah, teary-eyed, was caught by Ruffa Gutierrez hugging her younger brother because of the admission.

Sarah said they never denied their baby but instead, they just wanted some privacy for themselves while she was pregnant.

Ever since they revealed Baby Zion, they also posted little snippets of their pictures as a family. Richard posted a picture of a pregnant Sarah while they were in Europe. In it, Sarah was jokingly posing for Richard to carry her.

He also posted a photo of Sarah hugging Baby Zion. He captioned this with "my life."

Sarah, on the other hand, posted a photo of herself showing her pregnant belly. It was also taken while they were in Europe.

Currently, the couple are in Dubai for a two-day fashion show. Ruffa also said earlier that the next step for Richard and Sarah should be settling down for good with Baby Zion.

The baptism of the newest addition to the Gutierrez clan may also be aired in the reality show since Ruffa posted a photo of the invitation.

"Let the celebrations begin! Excited to welcome my inaanak into the Christian world! #ziontheyounglion"

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Richard Gutierrez And Sarah Lahbati To Show Baby Zion In Reality Show

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