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Saab Magalona Determined To File Case Against Assailant

The man who attacked Saab Magalona at a recent private party in Pasig City should expect with certainty that the actress will file a case against him.

Though heavily hinting at filing a case against the man who, she said, repeatedly hit her in the head, Magalona confirmed to ABS-CBN News that she and her team of lawyers are indeed preparing a case against the man.

“Of course it was a very traumatizing experience, but now the case is with our lawyers,” Magalona told the news organization.

Magalona, the daughter of late OPM star Francis Magalona, blogged about the incident recently. She said that the man, along with his posse, gate-crashed a private birthday party. Furthermore, Magalona said that the group also harmed the birthday celebrator and other guests at the party which is said to have been organized by Ely Buendia.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were caused by the group, the actress and host said.

Magalona said that the man who hit her was intoxicated during the incident.

In recent posts on Twitter, the actress said that she will not tolerate violence especially against women. She also thanked people who tweeted to her.

Magalona also revealed to ABS-CBN that people who were with her wanted to fight the group. However, she apparently told her group that fighting will not result in something good.

The actress also said that a female companion of the man who hit her, who herself also hit Magalona earlier, decided to say sorry immediately after the event. Nonetheless, it seems sorry won’t cut it with the actress.

“Pero, 'di ba, para sa akin, hindi naman puwedeng sorry lang. 'Sorry, lasing ako, inupakan kita.' You have [to face] the consequences of your actions,” she remarked.

Meanwhile, Magalona said that she did not immediately tell her mom Pia about the incident because it happened at around 3 a.m. and she didn’t want to wake her mother. She did say, however, that she did not try to hide what happened. She also added that she is 25 and is an adult.

The actress is also proud of how she handled the situation, saying that she cried when she fully realized what happened because she thinks her late father would be proud of how responsible she handled the situation. Her dad Francis would also be proud despite being angry at what happened because she will see his daughter taking a stand against violence, she added.

In the video below, Saab shows her bruises from the incident.

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Saab Magalona Determined To File Case Against Assailant

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