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Geoff Eigenmann Handles Breakup With Carla Abellana Well, Brother Ryan Says

Ryan Eigenmann said his brother Geoff handled the breakup with Carla Abellana pretty well. He said Geoff stays in his house sometimes to be with his nieces and nephews.

Ryan believed Geoff is spending his time well with his family. He's not out drinking like other heartbroken people do. Of course, he also went through a period of pain, but he's moving on right now.

Carla, since she and Geoff were together for years, grew close to Ryan as well. But the actor said he doesn't want to interfere into their relationship. He added that Geoff has been quiet about the whole thing, so he will just follow what his brother has been doing.

Also, if they want to separate ways, then there's nothing he can do about it. Ryan is glad both of them are moving on already.

Carla admitted their breakup amid speculations she was disappointed at Geoff because he seemed to be goal-less in terms of their future together.

Ryan said they (Eigenmanns) spent their weekends together, so they can be there for Geoff. "Eventually, iisipin mo rin na they are not meant for each other talaga. Huwag nang pilitin."

Carla earlier said that Geoff was not a romantic, making people think that was one of the reasons why they broke up. Ryan shrugged this off and said he was not a romantic too.

Even when he and his wife were just boyfriend-girlfriend, they never even celebrate Valentine's Day (mainly because it falls in the same month as their anniversary).

Ryan is not the type of guy to make a big deal out of Valentine's, choosing instead to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Years.

He agreed that he and his brother may be the same when it comes to the "romantic" aspect of the relationship. But if Carla wants a romantic guy, then she should go for it. "If Carla wants a romantic guy, if that’s what she wants and she wants flowers on Valentine’s, who can tell her that she can’t have flowers on Valentine’s, ‘di ba?"

Ryan is a father to two daughters with his wife Cathy--Catalina and Ruiz. He is trying to be the best father to his kids, especially since he thinks the only way for them to learn is through experience.

"So, it’s a work in progress. So far, I think, I’m doing an alright job."

Ryan and Cathy have been married for four years, but they were together for nine years as boyfriend-girlfriend. He can say he and his wife have already been tried and tested. After nine years, he can definitely say Cathy is "for life."

Is there a conscious effort for Ryan to make his marriage work, so that it won't have the same fate as his parents? Ryan is the son of Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa.

There are some people who may be inclined to cheat or look at other women/men, but Ryan is not worried about those situations.

"There comes a point in time na baka magsawa or to spice things up or whatever reason they have to do what they do, sa kanila na yun. The reason I have not done those things is because I love my wife and I don’t want to hurt her."

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Geoff Eigenmann Handles Breakup With Carla Abellana Well, Brother Ryan Says

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