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Vice Ganda Says Love Is Worth The Pain

Vice Ganda had to take a day off from his "It's Showtime" duties amid the controversies surrounding his breakup. Vice apologized to his fans after his absence, saying he needed to take some time off for himself.

Earlier, Vice's alleged ex-boyfriend Terrence Romeo came out and denied any relationship, past or present, with Vice. The comedian-TV host was hurt by Terrence's statements since he thought they were friends.

"Parang masyado na akong napaplastikan sa sarili ko na sinasabi ko sa mga tao dapat masaya, masaya, masaya. Masaya lalo na pag sa Showtime, when in fact, hindi naman ako totoong masaya."

"Sabi ko pag gusto kong ibigay yung araw na yun, iiiyak ko na lahat para kinabukasan, totoo na yung ngiti ko."

He needed the time to cry and the time to heal, Vice said, adding that it wasn't normal for him to deal with so many emotions.

Now, Vice can safely say he's okay after taking that day off. He's happier now, and he was able to get it all out of his system.

It's hard for him to keep his emotions secret since he's a very transparent person. He felt like he was going crazy because he needed to be happy for "It's Showtime," then he will cry when he goes home.

Despite the pain he experienced during his last breakup, Vice is adamant that he learned a lot from that relationship. He said that he wants to dwell on the good memories instead of the bad ones.

He doesn't want to get hurt anymore because every time he gets hurt, he will only be angry at what happened. "At saka I never got mad, not at all. I was just hurt, I was badly hurt, but I never got mad."

"Kasi pag magagalit ka, gugustuhin mong gumanti, gugustuhin mong makapanakit at sabi ko nga, kung gumanti ka o manakit ka, hindi naman nito mapapangako ang masarap na tulog sa gabi, e."

Vice also doesn't want to talk about Terrence anymore because he wants to keep some things private for himself. He was hurt, but he wasn't angry, he maintained.

In the end, Vice thanked Boy Abunda for defending him on "The Buzz." Boy said that being a homosexual is neither an illness nor a mistake. He said this after Terrence's father made statements against Vice.

It was easier for Vice to move on because a lot of people were defending him. "Ang daming tao who stood up for me, ang daming tao na hindi ko inaakala pero nagsalita to defend me."

He felt that he was loved by his friends and supporters, who continually supported him throughout the whole ordeal. Also, he went to Mass afterwards and what the priest said connected to him.

According to Vice, the sermon was about not being denied the love of God. The priest said: "You may be denied of love by one person but never by your God."

Vice said he won't be denying himself of loving someone again in the future. The pain is all worth it, he added.

He may commit the same mistakes again, but love brings so many beautiful things in one's life, Vice said.

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Vice Ganda Says Love Is Worth The Pain

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