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Richard Gutierrez Says Baby Zion Changed His Life

Richard Gutierrez said that his baby, Zion, changed his life. He's enjoying every moment with him, especially now that he's trying to learn to speak.

Zion's first word was "Dada" or daddy.

Richard revealed his baby with girlfriend Sarah Lahbati during the first episode of "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez."

Sarah was rumored to be pregnant early last year when she suddenly left for Switzerland despite a fluorishing career here. She supposedly gave birth in April, but they both denied it when Sarah arrived in Manila.

They, however, said that they never denied Baby Zion. It's just that they want to keep it private for a while.

Richard said their family will have a triple celebration this Sunday because it will be Zion's first birthday, his baptism and also father's day.

He added that they want to have a big party for the announcement of Baby Zion. It will definitely be a good day, Richard said.

The actor shared that so many things in his life changed now that Baby Zion was born. "I always hear that story that when you become a father, you’re gonna change and stuff like that."

"But I never really had an effort na nung lumabas si Baby Zion, I had to change my ways. It just came naturally, na parang I just spend more time at home."

Richard loves spending time at home now, and he rarely goes out. He just wants to spend some quality time with his family. In fact, his friends often ask where he usually spends his time since they don't see him often.

"I enjoy life more and parang life has more meaning."

Meanwhile, he shared there were times they struggled with the situation of keeping the pregnancy private. When they were in Geneva for Sarah's pregnancy, he had to leave her there to work.

He was able to come back when Sarah gave birth, but he had to go home to Manila two days after seeing his first child.

After that, it took him a month before he was finally allowed to leave from work.

"So it was tough not being able to share it, I only shared it with my family. So I’m very thankful for my family because what I went through wasn't quite easy."

He believes that their ability to share Zion to the world now is a blessing after everything they had to go through. Richard, in fact, told Sarah at one point that life would only get better from there on.

It feels good that they can be able to share Baby Zion to everyone.

Richard said that Zion will have 25 pairs of godparents, two of which will be Marian Rivera and his ex-girlfriend, Anne Curtis. Marian won't be able to come because she's in the United States while Anne also has prior commitments.

The reason why they had to keep the pregnancy a secret is because Sarah was also stressed out with her situation with GMA-7. That time, they didn't want it to be a media circus, so they just kept the pregnacy within the family.

Now is the perfect time to reveal about Zion because the dust has settled already.

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Richard Gutierrez Says Baby Zion Changed His Life

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