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Kaye Abad Talks About New Relationship With Paul Jake Castillo

Kaye Abad said she never thought she will end up falling for Paul Jake Castillo, who has been her friend since 2010.

They never thought that they will be in a relationship because their friendship was really very platonic, Kaye said, adding that she swallowed everything she said about her feelings for Paul Jake.

Although they get along well together, Kaye said she never imagined that they have a romantic side. They were surprised to find out that they wanted to be together.

She knew Paul Jake from way back, so she knows his good and bad side. The thing that she likes most about him is that he was never pretentious.

Almost all of her past boyfriends were her friends before they got together. Asked what was the difference between their relationship now from before, Kaye said "nothing."

"Kasi, sinabi ko rin sa kanya yun. Ayokong may magbago kung paano niya 'ko tratuhin bilang kaibigan noon."

The actress said it is possible for them not to treat each other differently now that they are together. She calls Paul Jake "boss" while Paul Jake calls her "Abad."

The origin of Paul Jake's nickname was during "Alyna" days when she, Jason Abalos and Beauty Gonzales went grocery shopping for the beach house. The staff of the show called Paul Jake "boss." From there on, that's how she calls him too.

Kaye said like Jason, Paul Jake also prefers to call her "Abad." "Parang ano lang, boss at sekretarya!"

There's no difference with how Kaye started her previous relationships. Chito Miranda of Parokya Ni Edgar was also her friend before they had a relationship that lasted years.

In fact, Kaye was even looking for possible dates for Paul Jake, but he wasn't interested because he was busy with his triathlon. She even asked him at one point if he has a crush on her since someone told her she's Paul Jake's showbiz crush.

The Cebu-based businessman-actor denied this, and Kaye said she never had a crush on him too.

Kaye also denied Melissa Ricks', Paul Jake's ex-girlfriend's, statement that she already saw there was a possibility for the two of them to be together. They were really just close friends, which is something some people cannot understand about them.

The reason why Melissa might have thought that is because most of their common friends tease them, saying it might be better if they just date one another.

She also reacted to the fans' comments on her relationship with Paul Jake and her past one with singer-actor Guji Lorenzana. It took Kaye quite a while before admitting she was with Guji.

To this, she explained: when people were asking her about Guji before, they were really just dating back then. They thought it was just a showbiz answer.

She defended her relationship with Guji, saying it lasted for more than three years. "Pang-matagalan ako, excuse me."

Until now, Kaye said she is still not ready to settle down even though she's past 30 years old already. She is seemingly being traumatized by her married friends, who tell her how their husbands change when they are married.

She, however, said she's not scared of marriage, but she's just not ready yet for that kind of commitment.

Kaye is optimistic and hopeful though that Paul Jake is the one for her. "Oo naman. Unang-una, hindi ko naman siya ibo-boyfriend if I don’t see myself with him, ‘di ba? Sa edad kong ito, wala na 'ko ro'n sa stage na magbu-boyfriend kasi like ko lang siya."

"Kailangan sa edad ko, yung hahanapin ko na ang makakasama ko talaga habangbuhay."

She joked that if Paul Jake will propose, her "yes" or "no" will depend on how many carats of diamond he will be presenting to her. Paul Jake is older than two years, but Kaye said it doesn't show that much.

Kaye is still asked questions about Chito, who recently proposed to girlfriend Neri Naig. She said she's happy for Chito and Neri, and they deserve to be happy after all they have gone through.

Last year, a sex video of Chito and Neri leaked on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the actress said she's flattered that she is nominated for Best Kontrabida by an award-giving body for her role as Stella in "Annaliza."

When the role was offered to her, she thought twice about accepting it because she wasn't sure she will give justice to the role. After all, she has a "maamo" face.

"So far, yung feedback ng tao, effective naman. Nakakatuwa kasi worth it naman."

It doesn't matter to Kaye that her talents were recognized the time she played a contrabida role. The most important thing for her is she's an effective character.

"At saka, sa dinami-rami ng mga artista at mabilang ka sa isa sa nominated, siyempre nakaka-flatter talaga yun."

She doesn't want to play a contrabida role in her next project because she doesn't want to be typecasted.

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Kaye Abad Talks About New Relationship With Paul Jake Castillo

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