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Matteo Guidicelli Says Sarah Geronimo Deserves To Be Happy

Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo may have not confirmed their relationship yet. But based on their interviews and pictures on social networking sites, it is clear that the two are very much in love.

Matteo and Sarah are often seen in the company of showbiz couple Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Ryan Agoncillo. Sarah and Juday are close friends while Matteo and Ryan are both triathletes.

There was also a photo of Matteo hugging Sarah tightly that came out on the Internet. It was a dinner together with Matteo's friends.

Matteo confirmed that the dinner was to introduce Sarah to his friends. He said they just had dinner, and everything was fine between them.

He's happy for Sarah that she's slowly getting exposed to different people and she's enjoying herself more. She's already 25 years old and she deserves to do what she wants to do, Matteo said.

She also deserves to be happy, he added. Sarah earlier said she's happy and proud with what she and Matteo have. To this, Matteo said: "Mas masaya ako. Mas proud ako."

Sarah already said Matteo asks permission from his parents every time he wants to take her out on a date. Sarah's parents--Divine and Delfin--are known to be overprotective of their daughter.

"That’s the most important thing—respect the parents and not do anything outside of that. Not to do anything rude or anything."

Matteo said that he is not the reason why Sarah is very "blooming" nowadays. "I don’t think it’s because of me, I think it’s her. She deserves all the credits."

Sarah wants to be independent already, Matteo said, so he's very proud of her. Actually, everybody around her is very proud of the Popstar Princess.

Isn't it the right time for them to admit that they are together? Matteo said there is no right timing since they are just enjoying themselves. Everything is okay, he added. They neither denied nor confirmed anything.

"I just want her to live life to the fullest, enjoy everything. Yun ang pinakaimportante. If she’s not working, I want to make her enjoy."

Matteo said he is simply respecting her parents, and that's why he doesn't want to talk about them. Whatever they have, he wants to keep it private and outside of work. Many bashers online say that the only reason Matteo courted Sarah was because she was more popular than him.

"I just keep quiet and I don’t wanna involve work with it. And it’s just gonna make everything a little more confusing."

How is his relationship with Sarah's parents? He doesn't want to talk about that too. He simply wants to keep these things private, although he said everything's fine between them.

Hopefully, Sarah's parents are in favor of Matteo. He doesn't want to speak on behalf of them, but he is just thankful that they allow him to be close to their daughter.

"Anybody would be very, very lucky to be with Sarah. She’s a wonderful person, she’s very true, she’s very honest, she has an amazing heart."

Sarah also met Matteo's parents during his birthday party in April.

Matteo said he is thankful that a lot of people seem to be supporting them as a couple. He added that he and Sarah are "very, very happy." They also appreciate all the positive comments, although he doesn't want to divulge much.

It's Sarah's parents’ decision for them not to talk about their "relationship," and Matteo is just respecting that.

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Matteo Guidicelli Says Sarah Geronimo Deserves To Be Happy

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