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Jake Cuenca Says Relationship With Model Girlfriend Is For Keeps

Jake Cuenca says he's very happy with his relationship with model girlfriend Chanel Olive Thomas. It feels good to talk to someone about anything but showbiz, movies and taping.

Jake's former relationship was with actress Melissa Ricks. He was also briefly involved with Lovi Poe and Jessy Mendiola, who he co-starred with in "Maria Mercedes."

"I think, this one’s for keeps. Super-saya."

Why did he say that his relationship with Chanel is for keeps? "I'm in love," he said.

It has been a long time since he had a serious girlfriend, so it's very refreshing for Jake to be with Chanel for now. Also, he never has to pretend when it comes to Chanel. In fact, he keeps the celebrity status off their relationship.

Chanel didn't know Jake was an actor before she met him. She thought he was just a regular model since she usually sees his face on billboards.

"It’s something different for me. Kasi minsan, kapag artista ka, may konting leverage ka sa panliligaw, kasi celebrity ka. Ito, wala. Hindi niya ako kilala."

But now that Chanel already knows her boyfriend is an actor, she makes sure to support him in all his projects.

What do they usually talk about when they are together? "Life," Jake said. He realized there is life after working long hours in front of the camera.

Before they officially became a couple, Jake and Chanel have been dating for a month. Jake took Chanel to Bali, Indonesia and there, he asked her if she can be his girlfriend. Chanel said "yes."

Jake said it will take a long time for them before he can say that he is ready to settle down. It's much too early, he added. They have only been together for two months.

He hasn't even met her family yet, who stays in Australia. Maybe after ABS-CBN's "Ikaw Lamang," he will be able to go there to meet them.

Jake said he is glad his girlfriend usually shrugs off bashers on their Instagram accounts. Other girls would have backed off, but not Chanel.

Of course, there are times that Jake also has to defend Chanel because he felt she was being disrespected. "Pero hindi naman ako bastos. Siyempre, I feel bad when people disrespect my girlfriend."

Some said that Chanel looks like Jessy, who Jake previously courted. What does Chanel say to this? His girlfriend finds Jessy very beautiful, so that's not at all offensive to her, Jake said. When she hears that, Chanel actually thinks it's a compliment to her.

According to Jake, he stopped courting Jessy because they have the same manager. There's a brother-sister aspect to that. Also, they are both busy with their own projects.

Jake said Chanel likes being in the Philippines. She has no background in acting, although she once became a part of Australia's Next Top Model. She wanted to be a host more than an actress though.

"Pero ang pag-arte, wala. Kung gusto niya, hindi ko siya pipigilan. Pero wala naman yun sa mga plano niya."

Jake then denied rumors that they are living in together already. And although he has a busy schedule, he makes sure to make time for Chanel since he really likes her.

Besides, they live close to each other. "At saka, palagi ko namang sinasabi ‘yan, kapag gusto, maraming paraan. Kapag ayaw, maraming dahilan."

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Jake Cuenca Says Relationship With Model Girlfriend Is For Keeps

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