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Cherie Gil Denies Issue With Coco Martin

Veteran actress Cherie Gil clears reports that she has an issue with Coco Martin and that is why she decided to leave ABS-CBN's top-rating teleserye "Ikaw Lamang."

Cherie said she and Coco work well together and they all had a fantastic ensemble. In fact, she calls Coco "anak" while Coco calls her "My," which is short for Mommy.

"Now we have a fantastic camaraderie. Kung saan nanggaling yun, hindi ko na alam. It definitely didn’t happen. In fact, masaya kapag nagkikita kami sa set. Masayang-masaya lalo na kapag full cast."

Coco is very caring and thoughtful that he is even the one to prepare food and serve it on the set.

Cherie explained that the reason why she had to leave the show is because her daughter is graduating in the States. Before she signed up for it, she already told the management that she will be leaving by June.

Her daughter's name is Bianca, and she will be graduating from high school. Cherie will leave the country on June 20.

However, the show got extended because it was doing very well, so her story had to be cut short. She didn't realize that her character will be killed off this soon, but she guessed that her bosses want to her to be able to prepare for her trip.

Cherie also dismissed the rumor that she helped write the end of her own character. She just collaborated with the director for it.

The scene was she was shot in the middle of the night, and Tirso (her husband in the show), will find her body in the morning. The day of the shoot, Cherie was there to bring food for the whole cast.

They employed a double, so she doesn't have to be inside a casket. Cherie didn't want because she was scared. However, her styling team was able to convince her to do it.

"And that obviously made more impact than the entire show that I did for my performance. It was a nice ending."

She also denied rumors that her brother, Mark Gil, has an illness. Cherie usually communicates with him, and he is, in fact, working every day.

Meanwhile, Cherie revealed that she is divorced from international virtuoso Rony Rogoff, the father of her children, Bianca and Raphael. She said that her life in Italy taught her to dress well because everyone was very fashionable there.

She just got her divorce paper recently, but Cherie said they remain friends until this day.

Cherie also said she's open to suitors now, but she hasn't met anyone because she has been very busy.

She joked that even ZsaZsa Padilla has a new boyfriend now. Cherie then took it back and said she's very happy for the singer-actress.

Cherie doesn't want to date anyone younger than her, however. "You know what, I’m not defining it on age. Pero gusto ko siyempre, ka-mindset ko rin. Maybe someone who’s mature at saka nasa age group ko. Not naman too young."

Rony, for his part, is still single right now. She wants him to be happy too.

She will be open if she ever falls in love again. She always wears her heart on her sleeve, Cherie said, adding that she will take it one step at a time.

Is there someone pursuing her from showbiz? "Wala kasi yung mga ka-contemporaries ko, puro mga kapatid ko sa industriya yun. Mga barkada ko sila, e. Maybe someone who belongs from another field naman."

Cherie is one of those nominated as Urian Best Actress for the movie "Sonata," which was produced by her own film outfit "My Own Mann Productions."

This is the second time that Cherie will be nominated. Her co-nominee, Angeli Bayani, was the one who brought home the trophy.

"I’ve waited years and years and years to be nominated at least. To be nominated is more than enough." She was first nominated for "City After Dark" which was directed by Ishmael Bernal. It won Best Picture in 1980.

"I’m just pleased that I’m nominated and they recognized the movie that I’ve produced and I’m part of such a great roster of actors."

Cherie will continue to produce movies. The next movie would star Sid Lucero and Mark for a father-son relationship. The working title is "Unfinished Business" that will be written by Sarge Lacuesta and directed by Erik Matti.

They will start shooting the movie by the end of the year. It will be about the son returning to correct his mistakes, and then repeating them again, and the father forgiving him all over again.

She cannot produce a mainstream movie because it is expensive, Cherie said. She is thinking about co-producing a film.

Cherie might ask Coco and Jake Cuenca, who played her son in "Ikaw Lamang," to do cameo roles. Of course, she is careful lest they say she is abusing their friendship.

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Cherie Gil Denies Issue With Coco Martin

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