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Luis Manzano Says Marriage With Angel Locsin Is Still A "Long Journey"

Although Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are sure that their relationship will end up before the altar, the TV host said it will still be a "long journey" for them. He added though that he's holding Angel's hands "every step of the way."

Asked if Luis can spend his whole life with Angel when he is a known morning person while the actress isn't, Luis said it's the small things that matter to them.

For example, Luis has already done a lot of things by 11AM, but Angel would still be in deep slumber by that time. When they were in Japan, the actress also took a while before waking up. What Luis did was to get some breakfast for them, so that Angel would have something to eat when she wakes up.

"Even if matulog siya nang masarap, I’ll still find a way to do something for her."

Luis, however, said Angel was the one who packed their things because he's really not good in packing.

Angel is obsessive-compulsive (OC), Kris Aquino said in the interview. How did Luis deal with that? He just laughed and said that Angel's so OC, she would have separated a three-in-one coffee mix.

Kris said she has been with Angel many times in distributing relief goods, and the award-winning actress would always have her things ziplocked.

Luis shared that they spent three days in Tokyo while one day in Kobe. They were with their friends in Tokyo. They went to Universal Studios, but Angel and Luis weren't able to see the new Harry Potter ride that will open this July 15.

Angel is a big Harry Potter fan, and Luis is hoping he will be able to take her there again to enjoy the ride.

Kris said Angel and Luis have already adjusted with each other after three years of being separated. Angel earlier said she was very lucky that Luis can understand her working hours.

"You know, time was never an issue. I fully understand how it is to have a significant other in showbiz."

What people see in artists are the glitz and glamour, but there's more work than that, Luis said. He fully understood the working hours, especially since he's a product of a showbiz couple.

In general though, Luis believes they are just more mature now. "Like what I said in previous interview, it may be a rekindling of romance or love, but it’s a whole new Angel and a whole new Luis."

What's the difference in their relationship now than before? He's nicer now, Luis said, adding that he is able to appreciate what he has been given.

Angel said that getting back together with Luis was the bravest thing she did. How did Luis manage to make the actress fall in love again? He joked: "Well, hindi nakakagulat, considering my looks. Kaguwapuhan ko talaga, kahit bato, ibibigay sa akin."

But seriously, Luis said they have better communication now. There was no unfinished business because it would be unfair for their significant others before to say that there was.

Luis was with Jennylyn Mercado while Angel was with Phil Younghusband.

The TV host said they were just lucky they had the chance to talk again and hang out again. They realized they value each other and they wanted to have a second chapter to their love story.

Kris reminded Luis that he was the one who broke up with Angel years ago. He was the one who went back to Angel too.

Everything started with a simple text last December. "And then, you realized that one simple reply is so magical to you. Something very casual lang, but the fact na sumagot siya, four years of no communication, nothing at all..."

Angel just said, "okay lang, ikaw?"

Luis said when they got back together, he felt that "It was God and destiny shaking hands."

Also, the fact that they were talking about marriage plans is a sign that they are here to stay. During their first date, they were already talking about settling down and where they will live.

They might live in Meadows or in Angel's house or they may build their own house.

Kris said "Darna" would air in 2015, which means Angel and Luis may delay having a "Little Luis" and "Little Angel."

Luis said he won't have any problem with it because once they settle down, they want to just travel and relax than raise a family immediately.

Meanwhile, Luis admitted that he is mulling the possibility of entering politics in 2016. He already talked about it with his mom, Star For All Seasons and Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, his Tito Ralph Recto and Angel.

"They are not influencing, gusto kong linawin ‘yan. They are not telling me to run, it’s more of what do you want."

In two months, Luis said he will decide on it hopefully. "I’ll be praying on it, I’ll be thinking on it."

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Luis Manzano Says Marriage With Angel Locsin Is Still A

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