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Derek Ramsay Denied Romantic Involvement With Kris Aquino

Derek Ramsay shared that he watched a movie with Kris Aquino and her sons Josh and Bimby recently. They watched "The Fault In Our Stars."

Kris invited Derek because she wasn't able to finish the film the first time she watched it. Derek agreed because he wanted to watch it too.

But he denied being the one who sent flowers, fruits and balloons to Kris--something that she posted on her Instagram last June 12. Derek said he wouldn't take credit for something he did not do.

Kris also visited Derek in the hospital when he briefly fell ill. He told Kris not to visit him anymore, but she insisted.

When he was doing the indie film "Janitor," Kris also visited him on the set to bring food for everyone. "She made me dalaw, she brought food for everybody. Sobrang bait nga niya."

Derek said Kris opens up to him about her heartbreaks. She admitted that she is still nursing a broken heart. The actor said he makes sure to be with Kris when she needs to talk to someone.

"If she needs advice, I’m always here for her. It’s nice when we get whatever in our head to a friend, take a breath of fresh air."

Kris treats him like a good friend, and she confides personal stuff to him. However, Derek said he could not say anything about that because these were all said in secret.

"She entrusted that to me, sa amin-amin na lang yun. When she’s sad, when she’s not well, she gives me a call."

Derek maintained that he and Kris are just friends. He is not looking for a relationship inside showbiz, so he and Kris are "strictly friends." He's just happy to have Kris as a friend.

"That’s how far we can go."

Derek can also appreciate Kris being opinionated. He thinks it's nice that she's like that. "When you are opinionated, at least, 'di ka plastic, 'di ba?" Kris is not afraid to express her opinion or to show who she really is.

"That’s why I think a lot of people like her, and a lot of people also have a problem with that. Not a lot of people are used to having the truth thrown right there at their face, you know?"

Meanwhile, Derek said he is not ready to be in a relationship again because he's very busy with work, family and even his health.

She's now hosting "Amazing Race Philippines," so he won't be making a teleserye with TV5. He just came back from Cebu since they started the auditions there. They will be in Davao the next time, then in Pampanga then in Eastwood.

His contract will expire soon, and Derek is already thinking of quitting showbiz and focusing on his family. But he hasn't made a decision yet and he has to talk with the management of TV5 first.

If he signs with TV5 again, he will definitely tell his family because in the past two years, he has to work nonstop.

Derek said he may ask TV5 if he can have breaks in between his shows. He also said there are no offers from other networks.

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Derek Ramsay Denied Romantic Involvement With Kris Aquino

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