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Sarah Lahbati Says She's Fixing The Issue With Her Mother Internally

Although Sarah Lahbati is very happy with the results of the birthday/baptism party of her son Zion, it was nonetheless smeared by a controversy between her mother, Esther, and Annabelle Rama.

Sarah did not want to talk about it though, saying that they are fixing it internally as a family. She just wants to be strong for Baby Zion.

Esther said in an Instagram post that she was not treated well during the party and that Annabelle even embarrassed her in front of their guests when the latter told her to take home some leftover food from the party.

Annabelle, on the other hand, said that taking home leftover food is a Filipino culture and she did not mean to offend Esther. She added that Esther just wanted publicity for herself. She also said she's irritated with her already, and asked her to stop posting on social media.

Annabelle also revealed that until now, Esther is blaming Sarah for getting pregnant with Baby Zion. She wasn't able to accept that Sarah is now with Richard Gutierrez, her son.

Sarah and Richard earlier denied that they have a child together. Sarah flew to Switzerland in January 2012 because of a feud with GMA management. She came back in April this year with Baby Zion. They only revealed about their baby's identity through the reality show "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez."

The actress said she has no regrets giving birth to Baby Zion at such a young age. She still thinks it's a blessing to have Zion.

"I’m grateful and I don’t have any regret dahil matagal na itong ginusto ko na magka-family. And it’s always been my dream. And everything na nangyari sa akin is a blessing at magagandang bagay."

Sarah shared what happened during the nine months she was pregnant with Zion. She said it was a difficult pregnancy for her. She was very moody and always picky on what she ate.

In the two years that she has been racing Baby Zion, Sarah noticed that he's very smart and he's like a "spotter." "When you teach him something, he’s so quick to memorize what you taught him. He’s so smart and sobrang happy baby siya. Hindi siya iyakin or laging bugnutin or sad."

Both Sarah and Richard are open about the possibility of Zion doing commercials as long as it's safe and healthy for him. For now though, Sarah is just enjoying herself as a new mother.

Zion changed her priorities in life. Every time she comes home from work, Sarah wants to see Zion immediately. "Kung puwede nga lang hindi mag-work para makasama ko siya araw-araw. Iba na yung reason why you live. I live for my son now."

Even though is now a mother and a partner to Richard, Sarah said she still wants to take on challenging roles. The only difference is now, she doesn't want to work too much to the point that she has no time for her family anymore.

She wants to balance her personal life and her career. For now, Sarah is just part of "Sunday All Stars" since GMA-7 just launched new shows.

When it comes to Richard, Sarah said he is an "amazing" father to Zion. He makes sure to learn how to take care of him like change his diapers and the like.

Sarah and Richard still find time to have dinner and watch a movie by themselves even though they have Zion already. It is important for them that they are able to bond as a couple.

Sarah said there are no plans yet to have another baby, although Richard has been very vocal about wanting twins next time. Maybe in two or three years, Sarah added.

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Sarah Lahbati Says She's Fixing The Issue With Her Mother Internally

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