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Ruffa Gutierrez Hopes Issue Between Annabelle Rama And Esther Lahbati Will Be Settled Soon

Ruffa Gutierrez hopes that the issue between her mother, Annabelle Rama, and Esther Lahbati, the mother of her brother Richard's girlfriend, Sarah Lahbati, will be settled soon.

She also wants "positivity" to rule in their families. No family is perfect, and families will always go through disagreements and miscommunication.

The Gutierrez family is no different, Ruffa said.

"Just because we’re celebrities doesn’t mean we don’t have any problems and life is perfect. So, for me, sana maayos privately."

If Esther has an issue with Annabelle, Ruffa hopes that she won't use the social media anymore. "I’m actually proud of my mom because she’s been very quiet about this dahil na rin sa request ni Richard. You know, when Chard speaks, my mom listens."

Before the issue gets bigger, the former beauty queen hopes they can settle it internally and it will die a natural death.

Esther posted on Instagram a few days after Baby Zion's baptism/birthday party to say she was offended by the way she was treated. She also felt she was humiliated when Annabelle asked her to take home some leftover food in front of the guests.

Annabelle, at first, did not want to comment. But another post by Esther showing how she took care of Baby Zion pushed Annabelle to talk about the issue.

Annabelle said Esther should "shut up" already and not use their grandson for publicity. She threatened her that she won't be scared to talk more if Esther does not stop making an issue out of things.

Meanwhile, Ruffa celebrated her 40th birthday on June 24 with a mini celebration with her friends and Annabelle. She treated them to a spa party at the Bread and Butter in Megamalla, Mandaluyong City.

What is her birthday wish? Ruffa wishes for the success of "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez," the reality show of the family that airs on E! channel and TV5.

"We have a big announcement this week na dapat niyong abangan. Tapos, more projects, that the family continue to be happy and healthy, and wala nang away-away, wala nang gulo-gulo, and positive lahat."

The fourth episode of their reality show surpassed the first to third episodes. Ruffa said the family will tape for the second season in July.

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Ruffa Gutierrez Hopes Issue Between Annabelle Rama And Esther Lahbati Will Be Settled Soon

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