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Chynna Ortaleza Doesn't Regret Ending Relationship With Railey Valeroso

Chynna Ortaleza never regretted ending her 10-year relationship with Railey Valeroso. In fact, the actress thinks it was the best way to move forward with her life.

Of course, there were times that she thought if her decision was right, but she wanted to remain confident that she did the right thing.

They never once thought that marriage would be a solution to their problems even though they have been together for 10 years already. She wasn't raised that way by her parents, Chynna said.

"Kung parang dito sa Pilipinas, iniisip niyo na parang marriage is the answer… Sa akin naman, of course, marriage is a positive thing, but if it doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of your life as a woman."

"So, parang ako, I didn’t feel that I needed to get married."

She's not a hater of marriage though. Chynna still believes in the concept of marriage. How can't she? Her parents had a beautiful marriage and produced children like her and her siblings. They had a good family, the actress said.

"Para sa akin, when it comes, it comes. When it doesn’t, it doesn’t. It depends kung ano ang design ng buhay mo. You just go with the flow."

In a few months, Chynna and Railey should have celebrated their 11th year anniversary. The actress said she never regretted anything. Some people thought she looks happier now while others say she looks "incomplete."

Chynna said moving on from a breakup is a process. What she's doing now is to complete herself without depending on anybody. "I can’t find it with him, I can’t find it with my parents, my friends."

She's also more open now than before. She meets new people, and she's more accepting of them. If people meet her before, they will then know that she's usually non-accepting of new friends.

She learned to open up herself after her breakup with Railey.

"It’s really a personal thing that you have to process and it’s not gonna be easy because it’s unseen. It’s the thing that is unseen but you have to believe."

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Chynna Ortaleza Doesn't Regret Ending Relationship With Railey Valeroso

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