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Rhian Ramos Denies Dating Marc Nelson

Rhian Ramos clarified that she and fitness expert Marc Nelson are only workout buddies, and there was nothing romantic between them.

She met Marc through her bestfriend, Bianca King, who is Marc's neighbor. Rhian and Marc also follow the same diet and workout program.

Actually, the actress said they started hanging out five months ago, but rumors about them only spread now that she has a new show titled "My Destiny."

Rhian broke up with ex-boyfriend KC Montero last year.

"He’s probably the nicest… he’s just one of the nicest people I know. And hottest, sure, but we’re friends. And I have stuff to do with my life and I’m sure so does he, you know."

It's not that she was not attracted to Marc, but Rhian just wanted to make clear that they are not dating. He never made any moves toward Rhian too. That's why the actress wanted to clarify already that nothing's happening between them because it's really unfair to both of them.

If ever there will be anything romantic in the future, Rhian just wants to make sure they started out as friends first. That's the ideal thing to happen in a relationship, she added.

But now, she doesn't see a relationship with anyone in the near future. She just hasn't met anyone worthy to become her boyfriend.

"I just don’t see a relationship anytime soon. Cause I don’t want one and no one can make me."

Rhian wanted to be single for another two years before she enters a relationship again. She's not tired of relationships, but she just wants some time for herself. She found out that ever since she broke up with KC, she learned a lot about herself in being single.

She shared that she and KC saw each other in the gym recently, and KC looked really good. They said "hi" to each other, and KC told her that he's very busy with work.

KC told her that he's doing a movie with Dingdong Dantes on top of his morning radio show. He's also contemplating about bike-racing. "He’s doing a lot and I’m just really happy for the success that he has."

Rhian was very happy to see KC, but she also clarified that there was nothing more to it. There was nothing romantic about her giving her ex-boyfriend a giant hug.

Rhian has many guy friends, and she's just scared that others may misinterpret her actions as having a thing for them. She's also a direct person, she said.

What she does is to tell her guy friends straight that she wants to be single for a while.

Meanwhile, her character in "My Destiny" is very much like the real Rhian. She just wants to stay away from romance and focus on her family. "The thing that makes the role so close to me is because my family is the same—I have a mom, a dad, and a sister. My sister is like the most important to me. I’d die for her if it's necessary, you know."

She's going to base her role on herself as a sister. She knows how sisters feel and that's how she's going to play her character in the new show.

Again, Rhian said she's not tired of being in relationships. She just wants to get to know herself better without a boyfriend.

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Rhian Ramos Denies Dating Marc Nelson

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