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Maxene Magalona Is Single Again

Maxene Magalona admitted that she broke up with her non-showbiz boyfriend Chino Copuyoc. She is now single again, and is not ashamed to admit that.

The actress already expected that there will be bashers again ready to pounce on her because of her failed relationship. There have been criticisms of Maxene in the past because of her seemingly easy way of changing boyfriends.

Some of her previous relationships were with JC Tuiseco, Dominic Roco, Neil Arce and Renz Fernandez.

"I know ang dami na namang magsasabi—but it’s my life. And I can really say that a lot has happened in the last year that really helped me realize who I am as a person."

It was her "healthiest breakup," Maxene said, adding that she has been in the industry for so long that she's not affected anymore by what haters say about her.

All of her fans, bashers, haters and past relationships contribute to who she is now. "It’s your opinion, it’s fine with me. I just want to say it’s my life and I’m doing it my own way, my own pace, and I’m learning."

Just recently, Maxene went on a vacation in Japan with Chino and her family. In fact, they helped surprise her sister Saab since her then-boyfriend planned to propose to her. They are not ready to get married.

Maxene said that they both realized they were not ready for a relationship. She explained that she and Chino never had any rest in between their past relationships. It was like God told them to be single for now.

They have already been separated for two months, and they decided not to talk to each other for now. "I want to say that he’s still a good friend. At maayos kaming naghiwalay, and it’s still very healthy."

There was no third party in their breakup, and time wasn't even one of their issues. Maxene said it wasn't the right time for the both of them, and they decided they are not ready for a relationship.

"So, might as well stay single muna. I haven’t been single, alam niyong lahat ‘yan!"

Her goal right now is just to be single. The reason why she's jumping from one relationship to another was because she was really said and didn't know who she was. She was especially affected by the death of her dad, Francis Magallona.

Maxene felt she always needed to be with someone to be happy. But now that she is 27 years old, she wants to be serious in her relationships.

"I mean, I’ve always been distracted that’s why I keep saying that it’s only last year that I realized kung sino ako and what I want."

Maxene said that her relationships were not based on whether her partner was from showbiz or not. Having a non-showbiz boyfriend was never a guarantee that their relationship will last, she said.

The most important thing for her is that she and her partner click together. But right now, she doesn't want to be with anyone and she wants to be single and know herself.

Maxene doesn't exactly have a timeline on when she can have another relationship. She always wants to be single for a year, but she knows herself and how she falls in love.

"Yun na nga, it’s because I’m always giving too much of myself without loving myself first. So, this time, self first."

Chino made her realized that she should love herself first, and that it was not yet time for her to be in another relationship.

Although it was a healthy breakup, Maxene said it was still painful. Everything happens for a reason though, and that's what she wants to believe in.

"And every relationship, I learn naman from each and every relationship, and I’m thankful for all of them."

What did she learn from her relationship with Chino? Her worth as a person, Maxene said. She grew up in front of the public eye, and she never really had the time to get to know herself because she's always distracted.

She met a lot of people, and they come and go into her life. Showbiz, she said, is a "crazy, crazy world." She started in the industry when she was 15. She's now 27 years old.

"And I know for sure na it’s because nga, ang daming distraction, ang daming mga nangyayari in showbiz, that’s why never talaga akong nagkaroon ng time to focus on myself."

She met Chino because of her sister Saab. Maxene said though that there was no bad blood between them, so Chino's friendship with Saab will not be affected.

She's actually thankful of her ex-boyfriend because she learned a lot from him.

Maxene believes God has intended someone else for her. He just wants her to relax and wait for that guy. She never really looked for a relationship, but someone comes into her life and she's easily excited.

Now, it's time for her to relax and just enjoy herself more.

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Maxene Magalona Is Single Again

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